The GILM Awards 2017 Favorite Comic

I’ll go with The Flintstones comic, it’s better if I don’t explain why and you just read it.


oh jeez right The Flintstones… I might change my nomination…

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Seconding The Flintstones


Black Bolt, Vol. 1 written by Saladin Ahmed and illustrated by Christian Ward.
It’s a story about the Inhuman king’s time in a space prison alongside galactic criminals. Its prose is poetic and its visuals are hallmark Christian Ward psychedelia. HIs panels are beautiful, colorful, and inventive.

& Black Bolt is just a straight up cool character. His voice is extremely powerful, so he has to be silent and choose, with care, when to use it.


4 Kids Walk Into A Bank is about, er, four kids who rob a bank. Which is a premise this comic very much commits too from the off: not only the process of preparing for a bank robbery, but how exactly that would go down when it’s literal middle-schoolers who are doing the deed (I won’t spoil how exactly a gang of precocious pre-teens end up in this situation but it…kinda makes sense?). A lot of the formalist/design choices by artist Tyler Boss remind of David Aja’s work with Matt Fraction on Hawkeye, but it’s not solely a “copy” of that style; more it picks up that ball and rolls with it. His character work – which, honestly, a lot of great comic book artists struggle to draw convincing kids, let alone make each character’s distinct personality come through in their design and on-panel “acting” – is top, too, the cast incredibly well-realised by writer Matthew Rosenberg. There’s a neat gag where each issue began with the four kids in some imaginative space (a D&D session, a multiplayer arcade game, an RC car race) that showcased their personalities and group dynamic really well.

They lampshade their seventies crime movie influences a lot (between dialogue references, character names, cinema marquees and variant covers, they pay homage to Dog Day Afternoon, The French Connection, Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia and Jackie Brown) but the closest comparison I can come up with for 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank is Wes Anderson’s Bottle Rocket. The characters are a little naive about getting into a life of crime, and they’re not entirely prepared for the consequences when they cross that line from regular kid delinquency to adult illegality. But it’s also really funny, subversive, clever, and emotionally resonant.


Ahhh! So glad to see a nomination for “Their Story”! I posted about it on another thread a while back, but I love this webcomic!

When we first found it, a friend and I kept sending screenshots back and forth of our favorite funny panels. It’s almost a platonic ideal for how to mix lighthearted with drama, and is a joy to read.

Going through my comics to see which bits were printed this year and which weren’t seems like a lot of work, and I’m happy with “Their Story” and “Lesbian Experience of Loneliness” so no nomination from me haha!

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I ingest more comics than any sane person should and had a brief existential crisis about what to nominate. There are a lot of great books out there that are exciting, innovative, or emotional. But, honestly? It has to be Thor by Jason Aaron

Aaron has been on Thor for 5 years and it has all been amazing quality. This is one of those runs people will be talking about for years to come. While there are books that do certain things better, Thor is SOLID. Whenever it comes out, it is the first book I’ll read because I know it will be good. However, its also the pinnacle of superhero comic book bullshit. It’s a soap opera, there are way too many characters, years of continuity, and its just ridiculous. But you know what? It works. It shows why the format is a thing. It has shapeshifting minotaur CEOs drilling elven lands for oil. It has neon laser gods and their ancient rites. But beyond all that it has Jane. Jane Foster as Thor is an amazing experience. A dying woman, she is given the opportunity to make the most of her time helping others, damn what it costs her. She is a hero I want my kids growing up reading.

All that is fairly general about the series as whole and I will refrain from doing a deep dive into this year’s plots. For Thor, 2017 has been a meditation on War and what it costs people. The innocents caught in the violence. Those who issue the orders. And the ones who survive when they think they should not.

Just do me a favor, go experience this series. It will remind you why you loved superheroes in the first place.



Otherwise known as those pigeon comics about depression. These comics have been one of my favourite things, mostly because the whole thing has a “cute but fuck you dumbasses” vibe.

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I think this Beowulf comic by Santiago Garcia and David Rubin is the only one I’ve ever read? It was very good and made me kinda regret ignoring the medium for like my entire life

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you know what, yeah, I could throw in a second nomination for The Mighty Thor.
Was considering, like, Runaways and Generation X (I like shitty superteens) but both of these kind of are still finding their feet a little.
But yeah, you know, like 90% of my time reading superhero comics is going ‘urgh, really?’ but I never really feel that with Thor? It’s… yeah, everything @Xiim said, it’s really good.
(Also I just want to add that the minotaur CEO is hot. sorry.)


Delicious in Dungeon is pretty cool, should I change my vote to second it?
None of the other books have arrived yet.
On a sunbeam was really good too, but it’s already been seconded. The art style reminded me of a mix of Miyazaki and Little Nemo.

edit: ok yeah, I’m changing my vote to Delicious in Dungeon. I’ll edit my first post as well.

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Gorgeous ballpoint drawings, whip-smart take on the interaction between high and low art, and emotionally taxing in the best ways.


i’m going to second Cucumber Quest! it’s an incredible webcomic that just keeps getting better and better every year. not only did its first volume get a published release this year (pick it up if you can! it’s got concept art + an original short comic at the end), but the current arc is wonderful. all of gigi d.g.'s stuff is great.

honestly i mostly only read webcomics. there’s a lot of great stuff out there on the web (i read like…30+ individual webcomics at this point). i need to get into physical comics more though. right now i’m just reading dungeon meshi, and fullmetal alchemist which is definitely too old to qualify, haha.


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