The GILM Awards 2017 Favorite Diamond in the Rough Discussion


I’ll second Blue Reflection.

It certainly has that low budget feel that Gust games typically suffer from, and there are some questionable directorial and art choices, but a magical girl RPG about fighting materialised inner demons and crazy giant monsters with the power of friendship was always going to be my thing.


I will throw my hat in for Absolver as well.

I played it quite a bit at launch and really appreciated its interesting take on the fighting (fighting-RPG?) genre. The game in my opinion doesn’t do the greatest job of introducing/explaining its numerous systems, and I wish it were a bit longer (or the world bigger), but it’s still a fun and unique experience nonetheless.

I would like to see this team release some additional content in the future, and I’m sure (in hopes that it’s someday possible) they could really nail it in a sequel.


I also need to throw in an excess nomination for Absolver.

It’s got clunk but it drew me in with its customization, visuals, and specifically a gameplay I haven’t enjoyed since a brief dalliance with Blade Symphony.


This category was made for Oikospiel Book 1: A Dog Opera in 5 Acts. If was a sovereignty, this would be its king. I’ve never played something as broken and captivating as this game.

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I will second Oikospiel if for no other reason than having more people play it and explain what exactly is going on.
Seriously though, this weird gem grabbed my attention immediately and is overwhelming in such a beautiful way. Very excited to return to it after exams.

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