The GILM Awards 2017 Favorite Moment (SPOILER HEAVY)


The entire first 3 quarters of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

If I had to pick one moment then it would be the same one Foxtrot did


Horizon: Zero Dawn, When you finally realize the full extent of the apocalypse. That human civilization didn’t just drastically change, it died and all the life you’ve seen was created in a last ditch attempt to reboot the Earth after the robots consumed all living matter. And Then on top of that, even though life on Earth managed to dodge destruction, the entire accumulation of human knowledge is gone. While humoring apocalypse narratives a while back I realized the thing that horrifies the most is the loss of human knowledge and achievements and the scale Horizon takes that to nailed that fear in me.


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, specifically the scene where BJ and Horton first meet.


It would be very easy to say Wolfenstein 2. Like that has three moments that could constitute as my favourite.

But at the end of the day, the game tried making me shoot the family dog. So I’m just going to have to go ahead and say Super Mario Odyssey - New Donk City Festival. That game is just about the biggest celebration of everything Mario is and has been, the New Donk City Festival is the absolute apex of that sense of joy and fun. Odyssey Yessey Indeed. Mario needs to get over Peach and think about maybe asking Major Pauline out on a date.


I’m going to have to be that guy that nominates Breath of the Wild.

When I started to play BotW, in June, I was very nervous. I’d watched some of Permadeath so I knew roughly what to expect. I’d read the articles about the game’s size, scope, freedom… And it made me anxious! I’ve never really played open world games before! And I do not do well when I’m presented with a blank canvas. I tend to freeze up, I choke. It’s something I’m trying to work on this year, including with some D&D sessions, but it often affects my play.

So while I was having a good time on the Great Plateau, I was also still nervous. The game was great, beautiful, but I didn’t feel enraptured like I had expected too. My nerves were getting in the way, there was a little voice telling me this wasn’t the game for me.

All of that changed as soon as I got the paraglider. I lept from the edge of the plateau, and landed directly on the road that leads to Kakariko village. As I fell, I saw the landscape open up around me. I landed, and immediately had to hide from a Moblin, the biggest enemy I’d seen thus far. I fought one, and I won. I started to run along the road, then stopped. I could see a ruin off to my left, so I went that way instead.

As I started to run around again, unconstrained by the feeling of tutorialising, a big stupid grin slowly crept over my face. Now I got it! Now I got how big the world is. Now I got what it meant to be free to explore. It all clicked into place, slowly but surely, as the game opened up to me. That’s probably the single best feeling I’ve had from games in a long time.


I also want to nominate Breath of the Wild, specifically, the first five minutes, the very begging when you step out of the chamber you wake up in onto the Great Plateau and get the first tiny glimpse of the scope and awe of the world.

I was very nervous when I went to get my Switch and BotW on launch day, because there was absolutely no way that the new Nintendo console and new Zelda property could live up to the hype from the media and the hope I had built up, hope that maybe Nintendo really might make a come back in console-making after the WiiU, and that BotW might be the revolution to Zelda so many, including me, had waited for.

I almost didn’t want to play it when I got home because I was so nervous my hopes would be dashed.

My fears were wiped out as soon as I put the Switch in my hands, and as soon as I stepped out onto the plateau. First, you see the absurd expanse of gorgeous Hyrule as far as the eye could see. I had kept up with some preview coverage, so knew you were supposed to go see the old man about apples or whatever, but I decided to turn around and see what was over the hill behind me. A bokoblin camp, and over the next hill, something new I could explore, and something more over the next hill.

My first five minutes with BotW served as the biggest “oh s**t” moment of just pure awe, excitement, and the joy of possibility that I’ve felt from video games since I don’t know when.


I’m nominating Sonic Mania

While it does not hold up dramatically to other things listed I think it would be a crime against gaming to not at least talk about a certain boss.

That moment in chemical plant zone when you drop down and it turns into Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean Machine was so unexpected, original, and fun. The amount of extra work that had to probably be put in just for that one boss for a throwback is commendable.


I want to second NieR Automata for Pascal’s choice. In a game full of profoundly sad moments, this was one of the ones that hit me hardest. Having played the game twice I feel like I still just can’t take bring myself just to walk away,
and I can’t destroy a character I came to love so much, but the remaining option feels no good either. It’s good, good sadness.


Butterfly Soup: The Kiss

The whole game has been leading up to this moment. Diya and Min-Seo, friends from way back, are on their first date together. Throughout the game there have been flashbacks showing how these two became so enamored with one another, not fully understanding their own queerness. Each flashback slowly advances their mutual attraction until their friends can no longer take the tension and force them to go on a date. It’s awkward as any teenage date, but there’s chemistry there. And then, bam, the kiss. It was cute and adorable and sweet and gah, this game is so damn lovable!


I second PUBG (PC)



Nomination: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - Death of Super Spesh

This is kind of an unsung moment from this game, but I want to call it out. It’s worth noting that this whole sequence, from returning to Mesquite to choosing your contraption is utterly amazing, but this moment in particular does a great job of setting up the sequence. It utterly robbed me of hope. It’s a video game, of course everything will be fine. But then it happened. It’s also the best example in the game of the first person perspective being deliberately used to heighten the storytelling.

I also want to off-handedly mention a moment I loved from a game I dislike. Nier: Automata - watching 2B (you) adjust her settings at the start of Route B.


Seconding @gio’s choice for Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

I didn’t expect to like DRV3’s ending as much as I did DR2’s, but it risked the series’ own history and the fans’ satisfaction to carve out its own place and deliver an uncompromising ending for an emotionally brutal game. Audacity is definitely the right word for telling the person playing your game that they too are at fault for the characters’ suffering.


I second Butterfly Soup, both for the kiss and for the “My Heart Will Go On” cover.


I’m going to have to nominate Yakuza 0, specifically Majima’s introduction. It’s a game full of Great Moments like the first time you experience the karaoke minigame but there is nothing like Majima’s introduction.


I’m gonna have to second that Majima’s intro in Yakuza 0. It’s just such a perfect encapsulation of majima (in yakuza 0 at least)

here’s the intro in question
CW: Sexual Assault (a gross yakuza dude groping a woman that works at the cabaret) I skipped to 35 seconds in for those that don’t wanna have to see that:


The moment in Nier Automata where you discover Emil’s flower garden and Kaine’s grave. It was A Lot

As an honorable mention I’ll point out a visual novel that a lot of people here likely haven’t played because it has some really messed up, problematic content in it: there’s a sequence in Wonderful Everyday (translated into English this year) where the game itself goes on pause while the protagonist plays a short piano piece. There’s no way to advance, no way to skip it the first time (that I could discover)…you just listen to her play, and it’s this weirdly subdued and bittersweet moment for an otherwise bonkers video game. I had mixed feelings on the story as a whole, but that sequence was something I hadn’t seen in one of those games before!


Nier Automata’s Ending E is the best but because of how the nomination process works and the repeated discussion of it I’m going to say

What Remains of Edith Finch’s cannery level. Like a really good short story, it establishes a gameplay idea that ties in perfectly with the themes of the level, makes it grow more and more visually intense, and then sets up to a gutpunch of a reveal that is simultaneously predictable and shocking.


Is it ok if I nominate all of Midnight Scenes: The Highway? The entire game is super short and is basically made up of just one moment that is super well done. If I need to be more specific then going through the house/fixing the bathroom light. It is incredible that such a tiny experience was able to fill me with so much tension and fear. The entire game is the video game equivalent of a horror short story.

The game is also entirely free to play and I recommend you all check it out if you have a few minutes to spare (it will take you less than half an hour to download and play through it). Shoutout to Danielle Riendeau for shinning a light on this game.


Alright alright: after the interrogation in Persona 5

Knowing these games have Bad Endings, and knowing how obtuse getting past P4’s was, watching the cutscene of everyone reacting to the news of our death was… something. Is this the bad ending? Did we heck it up? Was giving her the phone not enough? Did we actually just get murdered?
and then
Ryuji smiles
this was the plan all along
we did it
Probably a really obvious bait and switch but god damn it worked on me.

I was considering (also P5): Mishima spurring the crowd on to support you in the final fight. I love Mishima. I know some people don’t like him because he’s “a big loser” who “tries way too hard” but: I feel for the boy I do. I literally went “yes, that’s my boy!” with a big grin on my face. I’m a sucker for ‘The normal people band together to help the hero(es)’ moments anyway.
The reason I ended up NOT picking this moment is: they could have included specific people in the crowd for this bit (like the sun god guys, or that busker, or the bouncer) - it would have really driven home that you know the people, and they support you.

(Also honorary mention to ‘seeing calamity ganon for the first time’ and huge props to literally everyone for not posting screenshots/fanart of it tbh)


Zelda: BotW: First Guardian Stalker encounter

I had just left the Plateau, I was joyously running around Hyrule Field, and suddenly that creepy piano tinkling started, the red dot appeared on Link’s back, and I spun around. The thing loomed over me, scuttling in a distinctly inhuman way, a blue light began to glow, and Link was dead in a burst of fire and noise. I sat there stunned. I had faced the still guardians before in the Abbey, I knew what they could do, but the stalker was so fast, it set my heart racing in a way that few moments have.