The GILM Awards 2017 Favorite Music (Album)


Favorite Music (Album)

The end of the year is approaching and you know what that means - it’s time to talk about your favorite music from 2017! Could you not stop listening to that one album? Did you drive your housemates sick by the four hundred and ninety-second repetition of that one single? Time to spread the good cheer of excellent music!

To be eligible the album needs to have been released in 2017. An album released in 2017 with singles in 2016 counts as a 2017 release.

With that out of the way it’s off to the races! Plug in your headphones, start the 50 second intro track, bold your nominations, and we’ll see you in the outro!


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I don’t think I have to explain this nomination to anyone has heard Saturation II.

Now, for the rest of you…

Brockhampton is the most tight-knit, individually and wholly strong and prolific rap collective since the Wu-Tang Clan. They released albums before this year, but blew up with SATURATION and released SATURATION II just a few months after, in an effort to stay talked-about and make sure their name was everywhere. They have been able to turn out a ridiculous amount of good songs in a small amount of time. They have a style that defies description, mixing every existing style of rap and rap production with beat switches all over the place and sudden verges into noise, 90s emo-style hooks and r&b at a moment’s notice. Saturation I and II are both among the best albums of the year, but II takes it for being a more even and polished effort.


Ted Leo - The Hanged Man

In which a punk legend returns to his roots. After a 7 year break full of personal and professional strife, Ted Leo decided this was the point to change things up. He was done working with labels and professional studios, he was gonna learn how to do this himself. He built a studio in his own house, learned how to record and produce himself, and made this album with the help of dozens of friends and 3,000 Kickstarter backers. It’s about loss, it’s about rage, it’s about feeling adrift in a spiraling nation, and sometimes it’s just about having fun despite all of that.

And who could argue with this? This is the sort of thing that makes this album from feeling maudlin or self-pitying. It’s about dusting yourself off and persevering, with the help of a chorus of friends.


Tera Melos - Trash Generator

Math rock’s premier wiggly guitar boys back at it again.

Just for the video game connection there’s a music video for their song literally about speedrunning Mario involving world record holder Darbian



SATURATION and SATURATION II was the music I needed for 2017. In a year like this, Brockhampton made me feel safe, included and worthwhile.


Nomination: Polygondwanaland by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

As of today - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have managed to release four albums in 2017, with a fifth apparently on the way. They’re all distinct albums in their own way, Flying Microtonal Banana is a dreamlike exploration of microtones. Murder of the Universe is a massive, sprawling concept album about androids who want to die and vomit. Sketches of Brunswick East is a laid back jazz fusion album. Polygondwanaland feels like the culmination of all the avenues explored by King Gizzard on these albums.

On Polygondwanaland, King Gizzard paint this dreamy picture of a land lost out of time and space, this land beset by dinosaurs and monstrous beings and ruled by genocidal gods who slaughter their followers in order to prove their loyalty. It’s a vivid picture but presented in a almost stream of consciousness way, that is perfectly complemented by the drifting, rhythmic guitar lines and almost droning vocals.

What’s also worth mentioning about this album is the interesting way King Gizzard released it. It’s free, completely. King Gizzard put out the CD and vinyl masters and everything and said that fans are completely allowed to make their own pressings and sell them if they choose. As the band themselves put it “We do not own this record. You do. Go forth, share, enjoy.”


Danger: 太鼓 (Taiko)

I’m not nearly versed enough in it to have lots of thoughts on the music of 2017, but I sure did listen to Danger’s latest album a whole bunch in 2017. The whole album is great but my favourite track was definitely 22:41. The drums!


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Need to Feel Your Love by Sheer Mag

For the unfamiliar, Sheer Mag is an anti-capitalist Rock Band from Philadelphia who, when they’re not coming out with songs like “Meet Me in the Street” and “Expect the Bayonet” can write a mean love song. On their bandcamp they’re described as: if Thin Lizzy and the Jackson 5 collaborated which isn’t the worst “if x met x.” My favorite two songs from the album are:


Since Saturation has already been nominated, I’ll say Take Me Apart By Kelela.


I already used my nomination on Sheer Mag but Take Me Apart is soooo good.


Mouth Moods


Nomination: Arca - Arca (self-titled)

seeing Arca mature as an artist over the years has been really incredible. he went from post-beats sampler extraordinaire to the cutting-edge of contemporary electronic and now he’s finally looped back around to post-pop genius.

as he developed his craft, he kept getting features as producer for bigger and bigger acts. i first noticed how good he was at pop production with his work on How’s That by FKA Twigs. very quickly he was working with household names as big as Björk, and by 2017 he had already cemented himself as one of the most compelling producers alive.

and this year, he did something unexpected: he continued writing incredible pop songs in a style that only he can, but for his own vocals and lyrics.

Arca’s self-titled is his most personal and soul-baring work to date, combining the pop sensibility he’s cultivated over the years with his incredible sense of negative space; atonal, frantic melodies and bleak soundscapes. add to that his tortured and impassioned vocals and lyrics and it’s easily one of my favourite albums of all time.


Brick Body Kids Still Daydream - Open Mike Eagle

A really fantastic album that is only the latest in a long line of excellent releases from Open Mike Eagle. It manages to be both topical and incredibly personal, and is the album I would pick to most represent 2017.


Part of me was really tempted to go with Logic’s Everybody or St. Vincent’s Masseduction but the current year album that meant the most to me was Sza - Ctrl.


This is a close one for me, but I have to give it to Pleasure by Feist. She’s one of the most versatile artists around and this album in particular is such a great showcase for her folk/indie rock talent, as well as her pop sensibilities. Runner ups are Ctrl by SZA, Antisocialites by Alvvays, and Hot Thoughts by Spoon.


I’m gonna have to put my support behing Sza - Ctrl. too. Since it’s come out, I have constantly returned to this album whether it’s when I’m relaxing in the tub or driving to work at night. It’s a fantastically mellow album that also has great beats and vocals.


It’s tough. There are so many good options.

There’s Björk’s Utopia, which I’m convinced is going to be an extraordinary album but is literally only out tomorrow.
There’s LCD’s American Dream, which is a riot which was always going to capture my heart
There’s Grizzly Bear’s Painted Ruins, which is undoubtedly the album I’ve listened to the most. I don’t think it’s even a ‘perfect’ album but it has stuck with me and I think always will
There’s Taemin’s Move, which is probably the most sophisticated K-pop record I’ve ever heard and is something I’ve squealed in delight over
There’s Do Make Say Think’s Stubborn Persistent Illusions, which is probably the record I was most thankful for and surprised by. It was good for my soul.
There’s Richard Dawson’s Peasant, which is the British approach to Joanna Newsom folk-lyricism that I never knew I needed
There’s UUUU’s s/t, which explodes electronic music into post-rock in a way I never knew could actually happen
There’s Upgrayedd Smurphy’s HYPNOSYS, which splatters mutant techno in a way that I will always love discovering
There’s PAN’s mono no aware, which made me take ambient music seriously again and was my comfort blanket in times of real need
There’s Kelela’s Take Me Apart, which is the sexiest and most arresting thing I’ve heard in ages
There’s Nathan Fake’s Providence, which is a shining beacon of heft and depth and physicality that shoved a soul back into techno
And there’s Lee Gamble’s Mnestic Pressure, ripping it back out again and putting the phantom corpse into a cyberpunk spaceship with a bottle of absinthe and the collected works of Derrida and Deleuze.

But yeah, there isn’t really much doubt what takes it for me. It’s Arca’s Arca.

It’s the album that fits me at this moment in time and in this frame of mind. It does it uncannily well. Formed, twisted, indelibly queer, in a lot of ways strung out and nasty, always on the move, always searching for more, always in the realm of the transcendent, always bloody and dirty and streaming from the guts as much as it is seeping into the mind. It’s amazing.

Long live the new flesh.


I have to give this one to Mouth Moods by Neil Cicierega

This is just a masterpiece. Cicierega creates so many amazing things from pieces of other people’s songs, but still makes each song sound completely unique. I know, I know. Memes. But I think there is a really amazing level of competency and craft to this album.


Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked At Me

Life long fan or not, this is an extremely difficult listen. No album has ever moved me so. Its power, beauty and sadness is overwhelming.