The GILM Awards 2017 Favorite Music (Album)


More Life

The first Drake album I’ve actually liked. There are definitely strong arguments to be made here about how these are all weaker/watered-down tracks from a variety of artists who have made better music elsewhere, but it’s this compilation tracks that I’ve listened to over and over since it released. Find me a more fun guitar riff than the one off Madiba Riddim.

(My half-sincere nomination that I couldn’t find a way to justify is Big Shaq’s Mans Not Hot)




Slowdive by Slowdive is my favorite album this year. Who would’ve thought that a 90s shoegaze band would come back after a 20+ year hiatus with an album that arguably outshines their former work? It’s more lush, more thematically mature, and one of my favorite albums in a long time.

Standout tracks: Star Roving, Don’t Know Why, Sugar for the Pill

(( Honorable mention–I See You by the xx. ))


Ursa Minor by Nana Grizol one of my favorite bands from high school coming back after several years and making another great album.


I really love Soft Sounds from Another Planet by Japanese Breakfast.

Its such a beautiful album from start to finish with each song being a bit different in style. I personally love Boyish, Road Head, This House and The Body is a Blade. I think it all falls under indie-pop or experimental pop, but it all has a distinct ethereal but raw sound to it.

The context of the band being formed as the solo project of Michelle Zauner after her mother’s death is also really important. Some of the songs really hit me hard during this year, especially ones that focus on grief and trauma. Everyone should listen to the Tiny Desk concert, which is more of an acoustic version of some sadder songs on the album. The stuff that trends more into rock territory is really good as well!


As much as I love Drake - More Life i need to nominate Big K.R.I.T. - 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time

I’ve been a fan of Big Krit but not recently. Back when he came out with mixtapes he was on par with his fellow peers like J. Cole and Kendrick. While his first two studio albums were good, they were missing something.

But when i heard this album was getting good reviews i had to check it out and i’m soo glad i did. It feels like a modern Outkast album with Big KRIT style all over it. 22 tracks, 2 albums. First album is hip hop Krit, second album is more singing Krit but it works. It reminds me of Speakerboxx/The Love Below. I enjoy listening to the whole both albums front to back.

I don’t think he gets a lot of love cause of where he is from (he talks about this in one of his song!) and even if he isn’t nominated i urge everyone to give it a listen.

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this has been such a great year for music that i can’t believe but also understand why DAMN by Kendrick Lamar has yet to be nominated until now

also i would totally second flower boy, soft sounds from another planet, masseduction, all-amerikkkan badass, pleasure, slowdive, and taiko

also i would also just like to throw out:
antisocialites by alvvays
crawl space by tei shih
saturation 1 by brockhampton
ruby red by suzanne santo
circa91 by ruby ibarra
process by sampha
big fish theory by vince staples
i see you by the xx

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It feels like an impossible choice, but I think the best album (or at least the one that has become my default “I need to chill the hell out” album) has been Every Where is Some Where by K Flay. It’s been great to have K Flay’s particular brand of vaguely depressing, vaguely angry, always chill sound on call this year.

As far as track of the year for me… Man, that’s a tough one, but I think it’s gotta be Pieces/Ruins by P.O.S. Some of his best lyrical work there (honestly all of Chill, Dummy is fantastic, although I’m not super-hot on Bully).

DAMN by Kendrick Lamar
The Ooz by King Krule
The Hanged Man by Ted Leo
American Dream by LCD Soundsystem
Boomiverse by Big Boi (I just listened to this again a few days ago and was delighted, as I always am)

I am 100% sure there are other albums that dropped this year that I’m forgetting but these are the ones that I’ve spent the most time with.


I didn’t listen to a lot of music that came out this year, but one album that absolutely blew me away was Devil Is Fine by Zeal & Ardor. It’s a blend of Black Metal and Soul/Spirituals that I find wholly unique and very compelling.

My favorite track is Blood In The River.


And there was that pretty neat browser-based JRPG-inspired game to go along with it, complete with chiptune versions of songs from the album!

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This is really difficult. Just going by what I listened to the most it is probably Dizzee Rascal’s Raskit. Dizzee Rascal has been off my radar for the past decade because I thought everything he had been releasing was straight up garbage, so I understand any skepticism, but this is an incredibly solid rap album. It’s an amazing comeback album. Give it a chance even though it’s Dizzee Rascal.


Hey all,

So the Mods realized that Song and Album should be different categories. If you don’t see your post here, it’s because it’s in the newly created Favorite Song of 2017 Thread (link to come). If you nominated a song, feel free to nominate an album here. If you nominated an album, feel free to nominate a song in that thread.


Hey, Waypointeers! There’s only six more days left on nominations! The mod team are gearing up for Phase 2 of The GILM Awards, so we can let y’all decide what the Waypoint Community felt were their favourite works of 2017. We know a few people are wrestling about their nominations, so this is just a reminder to get yours in before the deadline hits — we’re not taking late submissions!

On that note, there’s a few items that have only been nominated once so far. If you feel strongly about any of these making it to our final poll, they need a second nomination before Phase 1 closes.

  • The Hanged Man by Ted Leo
  • Trash Generator by Tera Melos
  • Polygondwanaland by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  • 太鼓 (Taiko) by Danger
  • Need to Feel Your Love by Sheer Mag
  • Take Me Apart by Kelela
  • Brick Body Kids Still Daydream by Open Mike Eagle
  • Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked At Me
  • Pleasure by Feist
  • Shuffle Drones by Eluvium
  • The Nashville Sound by Jason Isbell
  • Live at La Gaîté Lyrique by Cult of Luna
  • Victory Lap by Propagandhi
  • Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack
  • Introduce Yourself by Gord Downie
  • A Black Mile to the Surface by Manchester Orchestra
  • More Scared of You Than You Are of Me by The Smith Street Band
  • The Assassination of Julius Caesar by Ulver
  • Narkopop by Gas
  • New Model by Perturbator
  • More Life by Drake
  • Ursa Minor by Nana Grizol
  • Soft Sounds from Another Planet by Japanese Breakfast
  • 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time by Big K.R.I.T.
  • Every Where is Some Where by K Flay
  • Devil Is Fine by Zeal & Ardor
  • Raskit by Dizzee Rascal
  • Made in Abyss Soundtrack
  • Hey Colossus - The Guillotine
  • Pure Comedy by Father John Misty
  • Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah - The Centennial Trilogy
  • Turtle - Human
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How has this not been seconded?! I hereby second DAMN’s nomination!

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I’d like to second Goths by The Mountain Goats

It took me a bit to warm up but i always end eventually enjoying every TMG album.


UGH I SHOULD NOMINATE SOMETHING FROM THAT LIST but I absolutely listened to the Made in Abyss OST more than anything else this year so I gotta nominate it. Kevin Penkin did some amazing work on this album and it captures a musical essence that I can neither describe well nor get enough of.

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Just to increase the visibility of this, I’m changing my nomination to second Romaplasm. The list of nominees is too good!


Seeing as the threads have changed over, I’ll second the nomination of Flower Boy by Tyler, the Creator

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I have so much listening to do.

I’ll second Slowdive by Slowdive, though. I’m pretty sure I gasped when I realized they released a new thing.


Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory

It’s been an incredibly long year, and there’s a lot of great music out there. But this album is fucking great and it needs a nomination.