The Gilm Awards 2017 Favorite Music (Song)


I’d like to nominate Biking - Frank Ocean (feat. Jay Z and Tyler, The Creator)

It’s just something that I’ve kept coming back to all year, it’s such an incredible song. Not to mention that I love Tyler’s verse on this one. I’m also probably a little biased due to the fact that I’ll always put this on when I’m hitting the end of a bike ride. Just associate it with warm summer sunsets, it’s always a good time.

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I’ve only heard a couple of songs by Queens of the Stone Age up until now, but The Way You Used to Do definitely put them on my radar. I really can’t get enough of this song.


Beck - Up All Night

It is not very often that a song with a pop feel stands out with me but I have consistently gone back to this song since I first heard it. Also not being an avid follower of Beck’s work this song kinda opened my eyes on his talent as a musician in general. Song has enough elements that I generally gravitate towards that it keeps my attention.

Also as someone who’s music collection consists mostly of punk, Avant-garde, psychedelic & “Bad” EDM this song stands out in a nice way.

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This was extremely tough. There’s four songs that I think of and they are:

Expect the Bayonet by Sheer Mag
Family Don’t Matter by Young THug
Mask off By Future
The Brightside by Lil Peep

I haven’t decided which one I’m nominating yet lol.


Hard Times by Paramore was relentlessly poppy with enough depression lyrics to match the awful headlines that 2017 never slowed down on.

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Dum Surfer by King Krule

This song is extremely suited to riding into a cafe full of dead people on a gurney, which i love to do.


Melos by Wednesday Campanella

KOM_I’s voice is heavenly throughout, sometime parallel to the calming tones of the guitar, piano or string sections, and sometimes in stark ontrast to the percussion taking centre stage or the dance music drops. The mastering is beautiful too (at least the iTunes single version), with each piece of the percussion section sounding like they are inches from your ears.

I wasn’t a close follower of music in 2017, and even less-so for the music out of Japan, however Wednesday Campanella’s output this year has hit me so defiantly and earnestly, with Melos being the crown jewel that, on some days, has been the sole reason I got the energy to get up in the morning.

I really hope people check it out. The music video only has 700k views, despite being stunningly choreographed and edited, featuring an entire cavalry of horses, all filmed on location in Mongolia. I love how every one of their music videos ends with credit given to the crew that make their songs and videos happen.

I’ve been very ill and stressed this past month so I only got around to truly thinking about these awards this weekend.

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