The GILM Awards 2017 Favorite Podcast


My Favorite Murder

The fascination with death and true crime has always been a curious one amongst our fellow human beings. Though hardly vocalized as being a one’s interest or hobby, many of what true crime fans, or “Murderinos” as we now call ourselves, satisfied that morbid curiosity through many crime procedurals and documentaries that we could reasonably consume.

Conceptualized in early 2016 by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, My Favorite Murder is a marriage between a newly formed friendship over an old long love affair with murder. At first listen, it may sound wildly inappropriate with their seemingly light-hearted approach to the subject of murder with witty jokes and banter. Though it may not be for everyone, this approach to coping with a bit of dark humor is more commonplace than one would think and has allowed many others, such as myself, to openly profess our love for true crime.


Oh, right. That’s a podcast.

I’ll second hmm… I hesitate to second, but why not, Waypoint Radio.

Although it does seem like it might need to be disqualified? I feel like as a community we’re a bit biased towards it to a degree which might make us feel silly. Maybe that’s fine though. Maybe it’d be weird if it didn’t win. Now it’s getting weirder.

It is, indeed, totally something I’m into. Subject matter has yet to not matter to me. It’s always entertaining, extremely often interesting, frequently informative, and run/hosted by my favorite hashtag content team on the world wide web.


I second Logged Off. It’s extremely funny, interesting and occasionally heavy but in a well handled way.

(Also Important If True and Waypoint Radio are also super good).


Waypoint Radio is eligible and will proceed to Phase 2! Obviously people here are going to be biased towards liking it, but loving it, placing it above all other podcasts, is a special thing and it will be celebrated.


My nomination is Earhustle, a podcast about life in prison, as told by the prisoners themselves. Almost everyone involved in the production of the podcast is a prisoner, so you get to hear about prison life from the people who are actually living it without the general voyeuristic undertones that seem to sit under most media that tries to show what prison is ‘really like’. A great example is this episode about how race affects every part of prison life, and how the specific rules for racial interactions change from prison to prison.


My bad! I didn’t read the rules properly and also assumed it had started two years ago. Thank you!

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So many good choices already! I’m going to toss my card in with Fave This as well!

Polygon Show is wonderful, but listening to Gita and Patricia is like listening to your older sis and her friend share stories that will last with you much longer then you’ve thought they would. :slight_smile:



It’s sadly aged out of the running, BUT THE ART IS STILL FUGEO FAM. :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


I think my absolute favourite (new) podcast these days is probably Waypoint Radio… It’s the kind of podcast I clear my queue for, because it’s just consistently a good time. I love the rapport the guys have, I love their ability to swing from news-mill discussions to jokes to serious issues, and I always feel like I step away from it in a good mood. It’s even one of the few podcasts I’ll go back and listen to old episodes of despite it being sort-of a news podcast, because I still enjoy the discussions.

But, I’m going to give a second nomination to the Polygon Show. Similarly to WPR, I’ll always bump it to the top of my queue because it’s always a good time. Their conversations are weird and rollicking and always genuinely laugh out loud funny. I get weird looks when I listen to it on the tube 11/10.


Waypoint Radio

What’s up internet! I just wanna say that I love listening to the woke gamer and friends as they dive into all topics surrounding games.

Be good and be good at it. Peace!


My favourite new podcast of this year has to be 30 For 30 Podcasts by ESPN.

Just like the 30 for 30 films they produce really gripping stories about the people behind big sports events, but also do bonus episodes talking to creators of recent 30 for 30 films. You could really listen to any episode to get into it, but I would say the best episode is the season one closer The Fighter Inside.


No Cartridge Audio

No Cartridge is nominally a weekly gaming podcast. Host Trevor Strunk brings on a guest for a half-interview half-chat about a broad topic related to games in some fashion.

But No Cartridge isn’t typically about individual games or the industry so much as it uses games as a launching pad to discuss personal or social issues and reflect upon larger concepts - recent episodes have covered topics such as the historical intersection of fascism and technology vis a vis Wolfenstein, nostalgia by way of early licensed games, and the way online social spaces surrounding games have changed over the years.

The interview format keeps the show fresh and varied, and Trevor does an excellent job of finding guests, including game developer Scott Benson (Night in the Woods) and writer Hazel Monforton (Dishonored: Death of the Outsider), alongside media figures and just all-round interesting people to offer their many insights.

It’s just all around a fascinating, if sometimes heavy-going, time that often leaves me considering the topics discussed for hours afterwards.


Empires of EVE: The History Lectures

While the production values are not top notch in all areas, the composition of each episode is top notch and the writing is among the most engaging in podcasting. Obviously this is a different format for the information from the book and audio book, but that does not matter when you hear it for the first time. The topic is endlessly fascinating and I especially like that this is indeed a history lecture and that it takes the history of an MMO seriously. I am glad it exists as documentation of EVE’s history and while I don’t play EVE anymore, it is still one of the most interesting games in existence. Very cool and entertaining, even if you don’t care about EVE, MMOs, or video games.

Also, Earhustle, S-Town, 30 for 30 Podcasts, The Frontline Dispatch, Radiotopia Showcase were contenders on my list. Thanks for the recommendations!


Rob Zacny’s Outro Bit Sabotaging on Waypoint Radio is my nomination for best podcast of 2017.


Feel free to disregard, but: Friends at the Table: Twilight Mirage maybe?

I know that Friends at the Table as a podcast started a while back, but the launch of the latest season happened in 2017 and all of the seasons (even the seasons that share a setting and characters) are all very differentiated. At any rate, Twilight Mirage in particular means a lot to me because it imagines a different future. Twilight Mirage’s future isn’t an uncomplicated one, or an unproblematic one, but it still uses science fiction and cyberpunk to imagine worlds that have shaken loose certain strictures that seem unassailable right now. It does what I desperately wished Blade Runner 2049 had done. And in a historical moment in which it’s perpetually demonstrated that silicon valley takes its cues and talking points from dystopian science fiction novels (e.g., Snow Crash, Neuromancer) the idea that there’s this popular thing that tries to imagine other futures, maybe even kinder futures, is so, so necessary.

EDIT: Whoops, hit respond to someone else’s post, but was supposed to be posted to the main discussion. Sorry!


Unfortunately, Friends at the Table started in 2014 and even though the seasons are very different, they’re still part of the overarching show which has an established name and crew, so we decided it would not be eligible.

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Department of New Business by Abby Russel & Ben Pack

Let me know if this title is wrong but this show is the fun content that I was promised would be on the internet.


Yeah, I figured.

Ah well. Worth a shot.


I’ll second The Polygon Show if it hasn’t already.

It’s just nice to have a show about games from a major publication that features all female-identifying voices. That show is very good across the board on representation, actually. Always interested in hearing Simone since she identifies as I do.


This year has been monumental for my podcast feed - Waypoint, Polygon, Fave This, and Continue have proven a balanced way to scratch my videogame itch, Ive hit up multiple long running actual plays for the first time, and Trans-mission Radio has been so affirming. Podcasts are a huge part of my life, and I’m so grateful that we have a medium that’s so accessible and powerful in our world.

I want to nominate a comedic option, and since Logged Off is already on the balance, I am both nominating and endorsing Was Glee Good? The show is a pretty vicious recap of ABCs hit show from the early 10’s, but the hosts are funny and engaging, it’s easy to follow despite having seen 0 episodes of the original, and ok, I’m a little biased because I’m a musical theater freak. But I love the show and I listened to the whole thing in 2 weeks.

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This explains a lot about your writing (in an awesome way)

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