The GILM Awards 2017 Favorite Podcast


Nomination: I Only Listen to The Mountain Goats

I should’ve nominated it first. I’m sure going to second it!

Joseph Fink and John Darnielle need I say more? Ok, I probably do. The Mountain Goats is important to me. There are a bunch of cliches I could add, but I won’t. Even if you are not a fan of theirs It’s interesting to hear a very talented yet humble and down to earth person discuss their creative process. And Joseph Fink is such a great interviewer. He leads a conversation without overpowering it, yet he doesn’t hesitate to offer his point of view. And if nothing else covers are great.


Hey, can I ask if this limited to gaming podcasts, or can it be general?


the podcast can be about anything! not just gaming!

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Important If True has already been mentioned twice but it’s the only new podcast I’ve been listening to and I love it a lot.


Nomination: Wonderful! An Enthusiast Podcast

So this is a bit of an oddity, Wonderful! began life as “Rose Buddies: A Bachelor Fancast” but after this tumultuous year with horrible things happening on that show, Rachel and Griffin McElroy decided to rebrand the show and go back to the core of WHY they did Rose Buddies: they were enthusiastic about a trashy TV series. Wonderful is an extension of that by branching out to practically everything.

In the backdoor pilot they talked about the benefits and drawbacks of 24 Hour Sudafed and revealed what the mystery flavor of Dum Dums was. This show has recommended me great albums and artists to listen to (Nick Drake) learning about the Women League of Voters.

This show just talks about the good things and in a year where things have gone to pot, I’ve looked forward to Wednesdays to pull me out of a slump with a married couple just enthusiastic about…well everything.


I’ve found Gimlet as a network to be a bit inconsistent but their show Heavyweight is an absolute gem. I’ve loved Jonathan Goldstein since discovering his old show, Wiretap, which I never really found anything quite like–it was a profoundly weird and touching show that blended reporting and fiction together in a disorienting but really thought-provoking way. Heavyweight is completely nonfiction but it has the same Goldstein weirdness, wit, and surprising insights about life, and does a little bit to fill the Mystery Show-sized hole in my heart.

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Sure, I’ll wear the band’s tshirt to their concert!

But here is my highest praise: when the weekend hits, and I head out to try and tame this wretched garden, Waypoint Radio is always played first.

Y’all are doing good :]


Nomination: Department of New Business



I second My Favorite Murder. Karen and Georgia are such great hosts and they approach true crime with such empathy and humor.

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Let’s Watch 2 Movies

I’ve only listened to 4 or 5 episodes so far, but it’s a really great cast. When I agree with them, I have a lot of fun listening. When I don’t agree, their perspectives and arguments are still really compelling and fresh and I still have a lot of fun. And even when I haven’t seen the movie, the jokes are good!


The Butterfly Effect with Jon Ronson

I’ll echo how wonderful this was. Jon Ronson is one of my favourite writers, and this still managed to exceed my expectations.


I second S-Town.

It’s amazing, one of the best distillations of a piece of life podcast because it doesn’t try to be something it isn’t. The temptation for lots of slice of life documents is to force real life into an accepted narrative. It ends on a moral, or a lesson, or the climax of a particular issue. S-Town, much like actual life, meanders about until it ultimately ends. You are enriched for learning more about these people and their world, but it never tries to shoehorn the messiness of life into an easily digestible narrative.


Trust Issues

Two Seattle reporters take turns explaining conpsiracy theories/scams/grifts to each other and their audience. A good recent episode is them covering how folks calling themselves ‘ecosexuals’ want to fight climate change by being horny for the planet.

(Bodega Boys was my initial nomination, but they came out at the end of 2015, unfortunately.)

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I nearly forgot! I will also nominate Wonderful! I appreciate that it is a very positive show in a very negative time. I’m glad that there is a show that I can go to that is just unabashedly pure and happy about just stuff! It’s such a warm respite nowadays. :slight_smile:

This past year I’ve gotten BIG into podcasts. Fave This!, The Polygon Show and of course Waypoint Radio have been really enjoyable, but they’ve been nominated! @2Mello I simply MUST check out Magnus Archives! And @ApparitionOnLine I gotta check Trust Issues out. Both sound like my style! Adding those to my app immediately. I’d like to shout out some of the newer ones I’ve been enjoying, and that I haven’t seen brought up!:

The Cryptid Keeper is literally just a show where two young ladies talk about cryptids and have a good time. Again, it’s one of these warm respites. :slight_smile:

Lingthusiasm is a linguistics podcast. One cool thing is that they write transcripts of their episodes and post them on their Tumblr!

What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law is pretty self explanatory, but super interesting.

The Optional Podcast I’ve only listened to a few episodes of, but seems nice!

Every Little Thing is another sweet, but also very informative little podcast! They investigate seemingly trivial matters and get really into the hidden mechanisms and cultures behind them. My personal favorite is the episode about the office plant industry. :slight_smile: This is honestly my runner up! I might like it more than Wonderful!, as a matter of fact. Big fan of this warm and positive journalism!


I’m going to second Wonderful
Yeah it’s a McElroy show and I’d prefer some less well known voices to get the spotlight but it’s been a difficult year and Wonderful’s relentlessly positive fascination with small, everyday things helps relieve the tension in my spine.

I’d also like to boost a podcast from two local (Belfast) creators called Oatcast. Two queer women chatting about life and dealing with being queer in the backwards Northern Ireland.

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It was a hell of a journey. Plenty of people seemed to fall for the notion that the end of the show would reveal where the supposed gold was hidden. But despite the initial murder premise and the connection to Serial, this podcast was vastly different.

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When it comes to true crime podcasts, you can’t get better than Casefile. Incredibly well researched, delves into a lot of Australian crime that a lot of folks might not have heard (but isn’t exclusively about Australian crime, the recent episodes on Alcatraz were great, and the Jonestown set has been one of my favourites), a voice for radio, music written for the show, and it is generally no nonsense. It doesn’t theorise it just reports on the facts as they’re known. It barely suffers from the early episodes being awkward like a lot of podcasts do, and even then the show has improved a lot over the last year or so.

It’s my weekly hour of required listening (and a new episode just happened to be released so guess what I’m listening to at 6:30am on a Sunday)

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I nominate Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Milliband and Geoff Lloyd. It’s bizarre that a politician, and one who was the leader of a major party a few years ago, could present such progressive conversations but by having on really good guests, letting them speak and by talking about issues such as decriminalising drugs, trans rights and the negative representation in UK media and Universal Basic Income, all in the manner of a breakfast show? It really works well and it really is surreal, in an English way. Probably less interesting if you aren’t English but if I had to recommend an episode an of you could listen to, the most recent one about Transgender rights is probably my favourite “mainstream” discussion about trans issues, with actual trans activists being allowed onto the show and no dehumanising conversations about transgender rights.

It’s my favourite “Hour before bed” podcast to listen to.


Gonna throw in for I only listen to the Mountain Goats also. Really interesting deep doves about entire Mountain Goats songs, their history and origins, and generally wholesome chat about being an artist in 2017. Can’t recommend enough.

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I nominate Boners of The Heart from Alice Snedden and Rose Matafeo, those two are freaking hilarious, they talk about weird celebrity “crushes” I guess describes them. They’re on the Little Empire podcast network that Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery of Worst Idea of All Time and 'Til Death Do Us Blart fame started.

I’m so glad other people nominated Logged Off because that kills me every time, I was dying listening to them at work talking about the weird pornhub searches. “Perfect lesbians”.