The GILM Awards 2017 Favorite Podcast


My nomination is Tapped, an improv podcast where the gimmick is that these a conversations recorded on NSA wiretaps. The result is a bunch of people having subtly weird conversations that are also occasionally touching. As a social worker I’ve really gained an appreciation of just how weird interactions with people often can be and I feel like this podcast highlights that in a really entertaining way.

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(Even if it doesn’t make it through to the awards because it’s kinda niche it might get more people here to listen to it) All Units is a unique, fascinating delve into thriller cinema, with each “season” taking a different lens to the genre, and each episode pairing a couple of films to explore a particular topic within that lens. So, for example, the current season is about “Intoxication” and the most recent episode talks about Sex in relation to In The Cut and a kinda-awful-sounding Clint Eastwood film about a murder killing sex workers.

It’s intelligent, funny, smart, and with politics that could be said to fall in line with what I largely assume the Waypoint crowd align with (a particular highlight during the start of the current revelations of abuse in Hollywood was an episode about the documentary Some Nudity Required and the inherent misogyny in a lot of genre cinema, and how the mostly straight-white-male audience of such films is complicit in that).

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I’d like to nominate Dad Feelings (or the Stay Mean network in general). It’s a weekly podcast hosted by Merritt K of Woodland Secrets and is about father and dad figures in media as well as actual dads. The topics have ranged from fictional characters like Ron Swanson or Samus Aran, to fictional takes on real people like Joe Biden (also discusses how the real Joe Biden is not much like the cultural dad figure.) In the last few months, she has had more and more actual Dads on to talk about their life and what it means to be a dad to them.


I’ll second Ear Hustle.

We need more media like this and these guys do a good job.

As someone who works on? with? against? the California prison system I can say that sometimes they generalize their experiences at San Quentin to give a much rosier picture of “modern-day” CDCR than folks at other institutions might describe, but their work promoting the idea that “incarcerated life is still life” gets the nod from me. Sadly, it’s a rare and radical sentiment these last 40 years.

If you’re curious about other things coming out of the San Quentin Media lab, Hamilton Nolan (Deadspin/Splinter/etc.) did a really nice write up of some of the journalists there working on a project called “First Watch” which is video journalism filmed, edited, and produced by incarcerated men.

Here’s the article:

And here’s First Watch:


Also nominating My Favorite Murder. The lightheartedness of the show definitely works well with the taboo nature of the show. It’s one of my favorite new-ish podcasts.


It started literally the first month of 2016, so I think it just barely qualifies, but I’m nominating ThirtyTwentyTen from the Laser Time Network. The hosts look back at pop cultural history from thirty, twenty, and ten years ago (this year it’s 1987, 1997, and 2007) and they’ve got such a good rapport with each other and had such good awareness of what those moments were like during the time that it’s always an interesting listen, particularly for Diana Goodman’s film knowledge and Chris Antista’s ability to tie his past experiences to those cultural touchstones.


I’m going to also nominate Fave This. The combination of interesting topics, likable hosts and generally wonderful critical perspective really resonates with me. Runner-up goes to Polygon Show for being awesome and wonderful as well.


Hey, Waypointeers! There’s only seven more days left on nominations! The mod team are gearing up for Phase 2 of The GILM Awards, so we can let y’all decide what the Waypoint Community felt were their favourite works of 2017. We know a few people are wrestling about their nominations, so this is just a reminder to get yours in before the deadline hits — we’re not taking late submissions!

On that note, there’s a few items that have only been nominated once so far. If you feel strongly about any of these making it to our final poll, they need a second nomination before Phase 1 closes.

  • ThirtyTwentyTen
  • Dad Feelings
  • Tapped
  • All Units
  • Boners of the Heart
  • Reasons to be Cheerful
  • Casefile
  • Trust Issues
  • Heavyweight
  • Was Glee Good?
  • Empires of EVE: The History Lectures
  • No Cartridge Audio
  • 30 For 30 Podcasts
  • Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People
  • True Crime Japan
  • Racist Sandwich
  • Off Book
  • Tomorrow Never Knows
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Hey, are we able to, like, change our nominations? I know it’s not like, an official count or whatever, but I don’t wanna screw over what ever you guys are doing on your end! I’ve been kinda feeling Trust Issues and might wanna switch over to it!


Yup you can change it! just unbold the original and bold the new one!

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It’s a late entrant, but I’m going to nominate IMA FIX WOLVES, featuring Dave Lang and Jeff Gerstmann. By concept alone (and the promise of deep E40 references) it has become mandatory listening.

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Technically Shift+F1 with Danny O’Dwyer and Drew Scanlon started this year (as they had to rebrand after leaving CBS - Gamespot and Giant Bomb respectfully). This podcast, especially the newest incarnation for this season was a huge driving force for me to get back into F1. I also gained a frequent past time to share with my Mum, so I’m thankful to them for that. It won’t get through to nominations now, but I wanted to mention it.

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