The GILM Awards 2017 Favorite TV Show


Favorite TV Show

What TV show couldn’t you stop binging? Which show made you tune in every week to make sure you never missed an episode? Here’s your chance to let everyone know!

For a show to qualify it has to have completed a season in 2017. This includes shows that started a season in 2016 and ended that season in 2017. If you are nominating a show, you are arguing for what that show did within 2017, not the show as a whole.

The discussion is now in your hands! Bold the name of the show, don’t start or continue arguments, and we’ll see ya’ll on the 10th!


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Voting for The Good Place. It’s hilarious, charming, warm, inventive, and manages to dig more deeply into philosophical problems in 22 minute episodes than many 2 hour movies do.


Seconding the nomination for The Good Place–not only is it all the things @Draconis mentioned above, but its second season this year managed to follow through on and tell compelling stories after the last season ended with some of the strangest twists a TV show has ever attempted.

Also, Mindy St. Claire is quietly one of the most fascinating character conceits on television.


Nominating Master of None. Its second season aired this year and continued the first season’s trend of taking me to places I’m used to going in comedic, personal series, but taking hard turns and choosing to be warm and educate rather than play anything for cheap jokes. You always think Master of None is going to drop you off and hit the old sitcom reset button, but it doesn’t. It keeps delving deeper and making sure you leave with a takeaway.

The second season in particular contains two of the best episodes of television I’ve ever seen, “Thanksgiving” written by co-star and Emmy winner Lena Waithe, and “New York, I Love You”, a surprise episode that dumps all the main characters in favor of following several random New Yorkers through one interesting day.


Twin Peaks The Return

After 25 years, no one knew what to expect form the third season of Twin Peaks. It was a cult classic that everyone seems to recommend with some reservations (“You can skip half of season 2” or “The ending’s not going to make sense unless you watch the movie and read all of the supplemental books”). It’s still a tough show to recommend to anyone—I can only imagine how impenetrable it must be to viewers who never saw the original series—but I have seen no other TV show with as strong of a creative vision. Every episode was written by Mark Frost and David Lynch and directed by David Lynch, leading the whole season to feel more like an 18 hour movie than like a TV show. It’s impossible to say if season 3 will have the same legacy that the first two seasons did, but Episode 8 was something unmatched by any other TV show.


I will second Twin Peaks The Return.

It’s like nothing else out there.

When I heard that Lynch was returning to make another season of Twin Peaks, a beloved if inconsistent show that’s over 25 years old, my immediate thought was that it’d never actually happen or that it’d be terrrrrrible. But somehow it all came together to make this strange, obtuse and beautiful thing that doesn’t quite resemble the Twin Peaks of old or modern television. And I love it all the more for it.

I have to give props to all the actors and actresses in The Return, especially those who reprised their roles. For as bizarre as some of the characters were, most were incredibly well acted and memorable. Kyle MacLachlan was just superb. The posthumous performances given by the likes of Catherine Coulson and Miguel Ferrer were fantastic and sombre.

It’s hard to say if The Return will have the same legacy as the original series did but the experience of watching the show week to week and trying to make sense of it with other fans is something I’ll remember forever.


Edit: I had an anime posted here because there wasn’t an anime category yet.

I’d still call Kemono Friends my favourite TV show, though.


Twin Peaks: The Return

It was the most thrilling piece of media I have ever seen on television. Episode 8 is still engraved into my brain, just on a pure visual spectacle. Starting with a very known but random rock group to lead into what it is most known about the episode is something I will never forget this year. And then the 2 hour finale was incredible, even if the ending makes me slightly divisive. I have never exeperienced watching anything like Twin Peaks The Return before and I will never forget my time with it. #DougieForever


Anime was a little late to the party! Sorry about that.


oh, no worries! copied my nomination over already.


Twin Peaks The Return

I mean did you see episode 8 lmao what the fucking fuck


Cool! Feel free to nominate something else here.


It’s PEAK TV and you want me to choose one?! Okay…I guess I’ll say The Good Place.

All the actors are charming and hilarious, the show in general is hilarious, and I really like the humanist message at it’s core.

Honorable Mentions: GLOW, American Gods, The Good Fight, American Vandal, Riverdale, Bojack Horseman, Better Call Saul, Dear White People, Lady Dynamite, Legion, One Day At A Time


I’m going to nominate Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for my favorite show this year. It’s finished its second season and is well into its third season this year. Rachel Bloom has done an amazing job showcasing women in her show as well as a hard look at depression and anxiety in the most recent episodes. The last episode that aired “I Never Want to See Josh Chan Again” had a moment that punched me in the gut that was really hard to recover from but was used to promote seeking counseling for people dealing with depression and other mental illness.

Definitely wanna give it for The Good Place, though, as it has continued to be an amazing show despite my worries of how they were going to continue after the end of season 1!


Another nomination for The Good Place

It filled the light-hearted half-hour comedy void that Parks and Rec left in my life and for that I am deeply grateful


American Vandal is the greatest piece of art ever created by humanity. It’s one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen, is a perfect parody of the True Crime genre, and it has a great cast of characters, all of whom are extremely true to life (I guarantee every high school in the world has a teacher like Kraz). But it works best because it also manages to construct a truly compelling mystery: who really drew the dicks?


I’m gonna nominate GLOW. I’m almost at the end of the first season but this was an unexpected wild ride and I’m glad I got into it.


At Home with Amy Sedaris
She’s one of my favorite comedians and I loved Strangers with Candy. If you’ve read her cooking/entertainment book I like you this show is basically expanding on that.


somebody has to put forward Legion, may as well be me. Noah Hawley is one of my favourite creators in the TV space right now and while Fargo is also fantastic I think it has had stronger seasons so I’m putting my vote behind the oddball supernatural psychic thriller that is technically an X-men show(!) it’s got so many wild concepts and stylistic choices. I’ve heard the criticism leveled against Hawley that he can be style over substance and while that may sometimes be the case in weaker seasons or episodes I think this first season of Legion was strong and honestly, as long as the style is so delicious I am not going to complain. sometimes you want dessert. What’s more along with Logan and Thor Ragnarok Legion really gives lie to the idea that the abundance of superhero comic based media is inherently a bad thing by reflecting the amount of narrative and stylistic diversity that exists even just under the Marvel tent.


It wasn’t flawless, but I’ll nominate American Gods.

Bryan Fuller’s surrealist direction of Hannibal needed to be channeled into something with actual fantasy elements, and American Gods was a great fit. The casting was excellent, Ricky Whittle’s Shadow was played well as he was flung into the supernatural dealings of Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) and Mad Sweeney (Pablo Schreiber). Emily Browning’s play on Laura, though quite different from the book’s, does a lot of interesting things and has some real potential to be great.

Gillian Anderson’s various personas as Media, the often beautiful vignettes of gods like Anansi and Anubis, the little romance of a taxi driver and a Jinn. It was a stunning show.