The GILM Awards Favorite Chillout Game (Presented By Haypoint)


It has already received two nominations so I won’t go to bat for it but I will give Destiny 2 its due for being a fun way of spending time together with my girlfriend. I have a laundry list of problems with that game but it gave me and the lady I’m in a long distance relationship with a way of being a little closer, and that has meant a great deal to me, especially when I’ve needed some respite from this year.


A third for Love NIkki. Hand-to-hand battles for who can style the best costume are just my speed. @Catamari, I think you misspelled “fashion triumph”.

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I will second MLB The Show 17. Especially if you’re using full analog pitching, there’s nothing as soothing as the rock-and-fire when you’re playing as someone like Max Scherzer and throwing darts.

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I’d like to second Super Mario Odyssey because it’s turning out to be that kind of game for me, but we’re getting down to the wire with the deadlines. Asssassin’s Creed Origins doesn’t seem like it’ll get seconded in the Big Developer category, and Mario already qualified there, so I’m officially seconding it here just so it gets some recognition in the awards!

and yeah it can also be a pretty chill, low-stress game to just wander in so it deserves a spot here anyway


I’ll second Superflight. It’s the best game to zone out and listen to podcasts to.


Throwing in a last second nomination for Reigns: Her Majesty. It’s very funny and well-written and my favorite way to decompress these last few days. Please play it! Also the snake dudes in it are perfect, just take my word on this

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Reigns her majesty in a shocking twist! What a nice day to end the year!

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