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Okay, one last time. Hey, Waypointeers! Earlier today, we published the results for the Waypoint Community Game of the Year, which we themed as ‘the GILM Awards’ this year. With the event wrapped up and our work done, we’re beginning to look over the event and are having internal discussions about what we’ll change for next year.

However, our perspective is pretty limited on this, as we served as administrators rather than, well, users. We knew what categories were meant to be about; we felt the criteria was clear; we think we had a pretty good category list (although we’re already talking about tweaks). For next year, we want to deliver something better than this year — so we turn to y’all.

What could we have done better? Were there any categories that were unclear or just plain missing? Could we have messaged this or that aspect of the event clearer? Do you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see next year?

We look forward to your feedback on this topic. We’ve reached some provisional internal conclusions, but these are, as ever, open to revision. We’re confident y’all will have some bright ideas you wouldn’t mind throwing our way. Of course, if you don’t have solutions but merely comments, that is absolutely fine to. Get it off your chest! Thank you for your time; I hope you enjoyed it.

The GILM Awards Threads

The GILM Award Winners — Waypoint Community’s Favorites of 2017

The awards were a great way to discuses about the games at the end of the year as well as other media on the site that we talk about. There is one thing that needs a little oversight and that the Anime section, mostly when Castlevania and Neo Yokie got on the polls but later got pulled. I think that should had been done much soon as it pulled too many votes from other shows that could had gotten them. Also there could been more joke categories just for fun. Something like best NPC, Fashion, crature you want to pet, etc.

Anyway nice job everyone, including the mods.


I’m really into @Metalsnakezero’s idea for fun jokey categories.
Also wanted to take a sec and thank yall for the hard work you put in <3


Something I think we missed, speaking from a user perspective and not a mod perspective, was “Favorite Multiplayer Experience” both because I’d love to see how the PUBG/Destiny/Spla2n shook out, and also to see what less publicized games got nominated in that category.


Speaking personally, there wasn’t anything else I would/could have voted on in the anime category, so my disqualified vote was the same as me abstaining from a category I had no opinion on. I’m sure all voters weren’t in the same boat, though.

It might have been nice if the disqualified options were bumped over to an appropriate category (tv shows, I guess?) or if there was a category for animation.

I’m not too fussed about it though, the mod team did a great job running this!


I think that next year, in the same circumstances, something like Neo Yokio or Castlevania would be in the TV category.

Also I love the idea of “Favorite NPC” as a category.


We’re actually gonna need to redo this whole thing, people kept accidentally voting for things other than Wolfenstein II

Seriously this was really cool though. I’m sure this was deliberate on the part of the mods to avoid too much negativity and I can see arguments against it but I wouldn’t mind seeing some categories surrounding games that didn’t do it for people? Not necessarily anything as harsh as “worst game” but a specific gameplay mechanic that was a bore, a trend that devs need to take it easy with with (lootboxes this year, battle royale games next year?), stuff like that.

This seems like one of the few forums I’ve been on where everyone is chill and civil enough to have conversations voicing criticisms and mixed feelings while still being respectful and understanding of how difficult game development can be.


First of all, thanks to all the mods for the work they put into these awards and thanks to everyone that reccomended stuff I hadn’t heard of before, way too many to list specifically.

Two suggestions, one is that you let entires be from any year as long as they were experienced during the year in question. The other is including a catagory for books, or merging comics with books.


I do feel like books was a missed opportunity. I don’t feel like combining them with comics really does either medium justice though I will think about how to go about framing a segment like that.

As it stands I would put Non-Fiction and Fiction together just to create a list of varied perspectives and themes.


Important if True was hoisted and y’all know it.

Was a lot of fun and I look forward to next year’s! If I had to make a suggestion it would be for the categories “Most interesting game mechanic” and “Most improved upon mechanic” because often there are games that maybe are not overall amazing but do one thing really well or interesting and should get recognized for it.

For fun/silly I think “favorite new slang/phrase” could be good. PUBG alone has introduced so many good ones like “wizard tower”


Had a bunch of work/personal stuff during that time so if some of this was done and I somehow missed it, I apologize.

When it comes to funny categories, maybe there could be an even earlier suggestion and vote for some user driven categories and the best X number of them are put into rotation for that year. Gives an opportunity for some fresh or topical ideas to shine through.

I don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature, but once the threads got long it was kind of hard to keep track of what was and wasn’t nominated and seconded. Maybe a master list in the main post that gets edited on a rolling basis, or making “likes” the seconding method? I like that it gave everyone an opportunity to explain why they were nominating or seconding and I really loved reading them, but at the same time it was a little hard to dig through all the extremely popular games to find the few stragglers.

I agree with Foxtrot as well, sometimes the dishonorable mentions can be a lot of fun, especially if taken with a light approach. I really like having the occasional opportunity to vent about something in a more positive way.


This is a rough one for me. I understand the impulse and there’s categories where I’d think this is probably vital to keeping them vibrant. I think it makes a lot of sense for personal lists. On the other hand, I think this can lead to a tendency to crowd out a year’s less-played games in favour of yesterday’s favourites. Some works genuinely get huge second winds after the year of release and are widely played, but, more often, personal experiences are not generalisable and I think you could end up with a lot more single-nomination stragglers. Podcast kinda suffered from this this year, where the final list had a lot of big things but fewer little gems. How we might go about helping those gems next year is a matter for discussion.

These aren’t official mod positions, this is just my personal gut feeling on this. I think a more institutionalised “Favourite Yesteryear Experience” (a la Diamond in the Rough) might make sense, especially if we found some way of supporting it (potentially doing clippings of our favourite stories?).

The latter is an interesting idea, but probably hard to manage in practice (since I tend to use “likes” as a way of encouraging someone’s posting and would likely second several posts, which isn’t really fair). As for the rolling lists, we kept internal lists and, in the last week, did do a “hey, here are the one-nomination stragglers” for people looking through at the end. The difficulty with putting these in the thread is that they can get a little confusing, as a) it sometimes isn’t clear if people are changing their nominations, and b) managing your cut-offs can be a little cumbersome.

We might look into how we can make this work practically and efficiently.

By the way, that we’re not responding to something doesn’t mean we’re not taking notes — we’re just answering pertinent questions where we see fit.


There is nothing to joke about a fashion category.

This is me endorsing the idea of a fashion category.


Google doc that gets updated once or twice a day might work


First off I wanna say thank you to all of the mods for helping put this thing together. I had a lot of fun participating in these GILM awards.

Honestly (and perhaps a little naively), I’m surprised this went off without any kind of hostility or fighting amongst anyone, considering how passionate people can be about GOTY discussions. I guess it’s a testament to how awesome the members of the Waypoint community are, as well as how good of job the mods do at keeping this a welcoming environment.

Enough compliments! Now for some suggestions:

  1. Maybe a funniest moment category?
  2. I like the suggestion above of a “most interesting game mechanic” category.
  3. Best new content for an existing game (DLC, new update, etc.)?
  4. Favorite Waypoint mod?
    (lol jk y’all are all great :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Oh, also, just wondering, will things that released in December 2017 be eligible for 2018 votes (e.g. Eminem’s new album, The Last Jedi, etc.)?

Alright that’s enough from me. I hope you all have a wonderful 2018!


Pyre was robbed multiple times, which is honestly kind of meta.

Anyway, I’d just slap a straight up Best Cartoon genre up for things like Neo Yokio and Castlevania. When people say Best TV, they usually mean Live Action. So I guess you could do something like Best TV Show (Live Action) and Best TV Show (Animated). Castlevania was probably one of the best animated pieces of media to come out this year. Kinda sucks there wasn’t a category for it.


Just wanted to say awesome job, mods! Whatever problems I might have had like people nominating games that already made it in and having either just one nomination or one seconding of another nomination, they didn’t really factor much into the voting process. All the categories had more than enough nominees!

Looking forward to next year’s GILM awards!


I don’t think anything particularly missed its due, but anything coming out in December feels like it’s going to get missed based on the hard rules around cutoffs. Perhaps the start date for nominations could be moved back a bit to the end date of the previous year’s awards, so releases don’t get missed?

I also just felt a bit odd around the whole “everything gets two nominations then people vote without discussions” method that was taken. I was under the assumption that the nomination thread was about nominations rather than the actual discussion itself, so I was a little blindsided when the voting threads were pure polls and nothing else. Not that this is a bad approach, just that it surprised me at the time. Of course, I probably just didn’t read through everything properly, but it might be worth highlighting that the nominations are for hyping up your choices rather than building a list for discussion.


Neo Yokio is still anime, weird gatekeeping won’t change that.


I liked the mod write-ups with the winners’ list. Maybe add a snippet or two from the nominating posts, or a list of the users who nominated the winner? Just a last little shout-out to the community.