The GILM Awards — Feedback Thread


Really enjoyed the awards, and reading the write-ups from the mods. I do like @WastelandHound’s suggestion of adding some snippets from the nominations too, where appropriate.

I also agree with @Metalsnakezero’s initial suggestion of adding some more “offbeat” categories - this can be a little weird to come up with, so perhaps even consider a thread a couple of weeks ahead of 2018’s awards where people can suggest & vote on a handful of weirder, more year-specific categories (sometimes a specific trend can arise for a given year which is worth talking about).

Thanks for all your hard work organising voting and putting these awards together, mods! It’s greatly appreciated and was a ton of fun to chat with other people on the forums about their favourite experiences of the year.


Wanted to drop a thank you to both the mods for setting this up, and the community for participating so wholeheartedly. It was one of the few places available to me to reflect on the year positively, especially online, and I really enjoyed the process.

I like the idea of more dokey categories, maybe something like best pet, or least chill game?


I feel bad that I was too nervious to make my argument for Night in the Woods but it won anyway.