The GILM Awards — Waypoint Community Game of the Year II


Waypoint Community Game of the Year II

Welcome, Waypointeers! We’re coming to the end of 2017, an all-round great year for games. For the second year running, the Waypoint Community moderators are proud to bring to you the Waypoint Community Game of the Year discussions, which we have themed as The GILM Awards!

We want to provide a platform for Waypoint’s community to voice their 2017 favorites. Which characters stole the show? Which sound design sent tingles down your spine? We’d even like to know what the quintessential chillaxing game was for you.

For the observant and curious among you, here’s what last year’s Waypoint Community Game of the Year looked like. My, how different things were in the pre-forum days, eh?

But before we let you loose on the categories, we have some ground rules to set up. So, my good members of the audience–please take your seats, switch off your mobile devices, and open your ears!

The Process

The GILM Awards will be divided into two phases.

In Phase 1, we’re seeking your discussion nominations. You’ll go into a category, pitch your case under its guidelines, and seek the support of your fellow forumgoers in backing your proposal. The two universal rules are that: (1) you need to bold your nomination at the top of the post for it to count, and (2) a game needs two nominations to be up for voting in Phase 2. We have these criteria to encourage people to make cases and share their thoughts, but also want to make sure people are clearly counted.

Phase 1 will run from 11/23/2017 until 12/10/2017. Threads will close up automatically and your enterprising moderator team will buzz around and analyse your posts to get ready for Phase 2.

We want our discussions to be positive and constructive. We will be vigilantly applying the Code of Conduct, but our recommendation is for folks to lead by example. If someone makes a case for a game you don’t like, we would recommend reflecting and improving your own case rather than trying to tear their down. We feel that a good case will overcome mudslinging.

In Phase 2, you vote! We’ll use the same threads as before so people can go back and read through people’s cases, but we’ll add a poll to the thread to let people weigh in with their final decisions. This will run from 12/12/2017 until 12/27/2017.

After that, it’s all on us! A few days later, we’ll put our quantitative experts on the case to get to the bottom of what the Waypoint Community’s favourite games of 2017 were.


Before we set y’all loose on voting, we need to establish some ground rules on voting and eligibility. Games outside this criteria will not be counted. You can feel free to DM a mod if you’re unsure or think a game falls into a grey area.

  • Each user has one nomination per category. You may change this one nomination, but to help us out, please make it clear that you are doing so.
  • We are going by calendar year 2017. That means anything from 1st January 2017 until 10th December, when voting ends.
  • Games that entered Early Access in 2017 are eligible for nomination. Early Access Games that hit 1.0 are also eligible for nomination, so long as it was released in 2017 (i.e. Slime Rancher and Dead Cells are both eligible).
  • Ports, remakes, and remasters are not eligible.
  • Standalone games are eligible, even if angled as ‘expansions’ (e.g. Uncharted: Lost Legacy or Dishonored: Death of the Outsider). Downloadable content is not.
  • Mobile and browser games are eligible as long as they meet all other relevant criteria.
  • The moderation team reserves the right to remove any game from nomination if necessary.

The Categories

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Here are our fabulous categories!

Oh, if you’re not sure what a “gilm” is? You’ll just have to ask Danika (go to like 30:08). Long story short, it’s, like… games, but films. You know how it is?

And with that, Waypointeers, the opening ceremony is over. Now the spotlight turns on the audience–you’re the stars now! We’ll be mingling in the threads, but our role will resume at the halfway point for the beginning of Phase 2. We look forward to reading all of your great posts!

Warmest regards,

Waypoint Mod Team

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