"The Good Life" Debut Trailer!


first look at the upcoming game from SWERY!! i don’t even know where to start… the art style… that beautiful cat FMV footage… the art of the protagonist as a cat… i am officially excited for this.


desperately trying to figure out where the real life footage was shot


this seems overall brighter than the sometimes oppressive eeriness and unease of Swery’s previous stuff, I like that.


Please please please I am so ready to be a cat. So ready.


I’m so amped for this


bumping for the last 24 hours of the Fig campaign! believe in SWERY


im on board anyway as a Deadly Premonition And Cat Liker but godddd im so excited to see what swery does w the Quaint English Setting? like the weird unpleasant conservatism of say, midsomer murders as interpreted by him could potentially be something im very into


well, rest in peace to the Fig campaign. SWERY posted a little post-mortem about where he thinks it went wrong, which is worth reading. i didn’t even know the project had Noboru Horita attached to it until after the fact! it seems like he’s going to try running a kickstarter next so keep your eyes peeled!!


I really hope that this game gets made and that it’s good, but the campaign seemed pretty poorly planned out pretty early on. I hope they’ve learned a lot and maybe hire someone with experience in crowd funding/PR to be more or less in charge of the kickstarter whenever they end up launching it.


It’s a bummer that the Fig campaign failed, hopefully the Kickstarter one is tighter, more achievable, and ultimately successful. I do hope to contribute to it this time!


i’m so glad they’re not giving up! i’m really interested in this game but the campaign was definitely pretty confusing. i hope that with a more achievable monetary goal and a better PR campaign they get the money they need to fund such a cool idea. i’ll try to contribute next time!


I don’t know if this is just me, but I still don’t entirely get Fig and how it’s different to Kickstarter, which just added another barrier.