The Great D&D/Roleplaying Games Introduction Thread


I started playing tabletop rpgs when I was 9 and my grandad introduced me to ad&d 2e. I was hooked pretty much instantly and started running moldvay for my cousins from my 10th birthday onwards. It wasn’t until I was in my teens that I started experimenting with roleplaying games other than d&d and shadowrun.

Now I mostly play burning wheel, torchbearer and the nightmares underneath but I do also play in a 5e game every week.

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I just recently started playing tabletop games in the past year. It was actually podcasts such as FatT and The Adventure zone that inspired me to play. Working at a childcare center I often run games with simple storytelling and tabletop elements. It is a true joy to watch young minds explore worlds created in the imagination.


I was first exposed to D&D when a friend of mine, noticing how into Diablo I was, told me tales of Baldur’s Gate. It was all downhill from there, although I didn’t get a chance to play a proper tabletop game until much later, when I played some one-shot campaigns at a convention in Columbus (Dragoncon, I think?). When I ended up doing a year abroad I joined the Oxford Tabletop Games Society (or something like that) and it got me wrapped up in all sorts of tabletop shenanigans (and some more “society” RPGs too. I played a shitty wizard who accidentally became a swarm of sentient bees and went on to become, well, some kind of lesser bee god or something. It was GREAT. My favorite tabletop character was a cockroach-like creature in a poorly-designed mechanical suit which in theory was supposed to look like a human but in practice looked like a mechanical horror. It was a great year). That was mostly 3.5 rules, I think. Then I picked up 4th ed and had a fairly long campaign that was brought to a tragic halt when the DM broke up with his girlfriend, who also happened to be the sister of one of the players. Things got awkward and it stopped.

A few other one-off campaigns at conventions happened here and there, and some homebrew systems run by a buddy of mine (who designs tabletop games in a professional capacity now, I think? I kind of lost touch with the dude), and we eventually played around with D&D Next. Then my brother started running a 5th ed campaign which we now do once a year at Christmas (aka the only time the friends involved can meet up and get drunk and kill gobbos), and most recently another buddy of mine started running a campaign over Skype. A bit hard to manage all the different time zones (and occasionally we lose a player because his kids are being rowdy or whatever), but it’s going pretty well.

Of course, we’ve had to cancel the last few weeks, which has resulted in the following purchases as I chased the Dragon of tabletop nonsense:

  1. A pack of 6 sets of dice (each with their own dice bags)
  2. One of these boxes (I put Ygdrassil on it because I like Ygdrassil)
  3. A Dungeon Master guide, because I have been thinking of making a campaign
  4. A Monster Manual, for the same reason
  5. Sword Coast Legends, because I wanted a 5th ed D&D video game (unfortunately this game kind of sucks)

Instead of playing any new video games (apart from SCL) I have been almost exclusively playing Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale, because they remain the purest expression of D&D mechanics in video gamem form whilst listening to various actual play podcasts (Acquisitions Inc., Acquisitions Inc. the “C” Team, The Adventure Zone, Friends at the Table).

Oh and obviously debating the merits of looking for another group to play more D&D with, because I don’t know if once a week is enough to scratch that itch.

I’ve also been thinking about finding a group to play the Sprawl with, because I’ve got that hanging around and I really like the idea of it - I’ve just been on a heavy fantasty kick lately so it is not a giant priority at the moment.

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I’ve played DnD with a group of friends for the past two years or so, and I’ve enjoyed it mostly because it’s with them and we have fun together. I don’t very much enjoy combat, I much prefer the interaction aspect and having fun on journeys. However, I accept that this is a part of DnD for the most part, and I think I’m the only one in the group who feels that way. A less combat-focused game - maybe a more like puzzle solving sort of game - might be more up my alley. We have nights where the plot follows more that style of play, so maybe that’s just a DM thing.


Have noticed a lot of people in this thread bemoaning their lack of RP groups at the moment, or talking about various online tabletop solutions; would it be worth starting a separate thread for people want to recruit for/join campaign groups, whether on or offline??

Let's play some tabletop RPGs on the internet!

That sounds like a great idea to me.

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We even have a forum tag for it. Forum Games. Get at it!


Forum Games is more like Mafia I think. Games that are done entirely in forum posts. I think recruiting for Roll20 tabletop games that don’t have a forum component belongs here, in Tabletop.

I’d love to play a Dungeon World game. I hope someone here who is cool is looking to start one up.


Joe, let me tell you about a game system that might be just what you are looking for: Dungeon World (PbtA) puts the focus on narrative by taking dice out of the DM’s hands (and a bunch of other smart design ideas, but the no dice thing is key). Instead, the GM encourages the player actions through storytelling and “Moves” a mechanic that presents the players with a situation and asks “How do you respond?” then creates the next situation based on their response (and their die roll if they decided to do something that required one), and the next one after that, etc. It’s a back and forth where the DM and the Players are telling a story together, and when it clicks for everyone the stories can be fantastic( That having been said, there is a bit of a learning curve: If your DnD group isn’t the kind to wander away from the critical path your GM might have trouble adjusting to on the fly storytelling, and lots of players have trouble adjusting to narratively describing their actions instead of “I do”-ing a power or weapon attack off their sheet. If you’re interested in learning more the Dungeon World Guide is a great resource for understanding the game, and, if you decide you want to play, the PDF version of the game is just $10 at DriveThruRPG.

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That was more the sort of thing I wanted to get into! I shall make a recruitment thread and then we can see what people think?


Yeah, sure, go for it. It’s going to be a general purpose LFG thread, right? Not just for any specific game?


The only thing in forum games right now is a recruitment for a Roll20 game that has gone no where, and a play by post that I am in. The tag did not exist before the play-by-post game, so I have a feeling it is to make it easy for people to remove these types of things from their feed.

Recruitment is probably best for the general table top. There are several recruitment threads at the moment, and only one got any traction. Best of luck! Getting forum games and online games in general off the ground is difficult. Keep at it!


I’m in a fun situation where I’ve read over a dozen rulebooks, but have only done a few one shots.

I have some pretty major anxiety issues that have made it real fucking hard to join local DnD groups. Ive done a few one shots and even DMed a Stars Without Number one shot (didn’t go smoothly but still fun), but I can still count my hours of play on my hands.

That said, I love RPGs. Just reading them. I read as many as I can get my hands on, listen to actual play podcasts (FatT), and spend a lot of time building characters and dissecting the systems. I’ve actually avoided DnD for a while, but broke down and got the 5e players handbook. Shit’s good.

Hope I get more chances to play, but if I don’t I still get to enjoy these amazingly put together systems to help people build worlds and tell stories.


I just started playing my first campaign in November of 2016, Curse of Strahd, its been a wonderful introduction, I’m playing with 3 friends/acquaintances, someone i did not know prior to the game, and our DM who was one of the groomsmen in my wedding. The thing that hooked me was the final fight in the “Death House” introduction module to the game, where i realized when we almost had a TPK that unlike every other RPG i had ever played, there was no checkpoint to go back to or save to load up if we all died, that would just be it for our characters. We survived, barely, and from then on I was 100% in on it.