The Great Video Game Character Fashion Thread

Let’s say every two years Kotaku runs an article of fashion experts critiquing the looks of semi-recent video game characters and while the critiques themselves are usually a combination of valid, contentious, and misinformed it is always a thrilling comment section of the Kotaku community finally getting to talk about apparel and character design and also the semi-annual ragging on Final Fantasy protagonists, like the last one here where I channeled my inner Michael Kors and said Tidus from Final Fantasy X looks like the janitor at a Rio BDSM club.

Sadly these articles only come sparingly and while I suspect one of the reasons Kotaku hired Gita Jackson was so there’d always be someone on hand to write about fashionable Fire Emblem characters, I want to have that space to praise and critique the looks of video game characters. Ergo: this thread because I see we already have a fashion thread and the positive environment probably will cut down on angry naive people saying they’re above fashion.

I don’t actually have a plan for this but I thought I’d start with a modern video game character. Feel free to post your thoughts on their outfit, or another character to be commented or I don’t know, get really deep on how fashionable The Division can be.

Marcus Holloway, Watch_Dogs 2

I do love the dress shirt peeking out of his excess layers. Under the sweatshirt gives Marcus a certain schoolboy look that’s not out of character while peeking out from the jacket I feel makes it a bit more mature than that. Do wish the collar poked out from the under the sweatshirt though but I can see the argument for why it doesn’t. Anyway, I was taught by the fashion trials of my father that navy is always a facile choice for men and that people don’t notice those who wear blue (from a children’s storybook oddly enough) which might be good for Marcus’ line of work but it combined with the monochrome base leaves things looking rather bland and safe. Even his hightops that are supposed to be a splash of something different just feel like an easy natural choice as brown/rust complements blue.

Onward Waypoint Forum, Onward to critiquing and probably reminding me how woefully limited my fashion vocab and knowledge actually is.


I can’t pretend to know anything about fashion.
But Evie Frye is the most stylish assassin ever and one of my favorite character designs in games.


Oh and another steampunk assassin lady. Emily in Dishonored 2 is perfection.


There are many good fashions in Bloodborne, but the crowfeather set as worn by Eileen the Crow is the best fashion.