The Great Waypoint Milkshake Thread


The world’s best milkshake is an avocado milkshake.


Well I have the day off today and now I’ve found out what I want to spend my time researching and accomplishing. Thanks, Forums!



I went to shake shack and got a black and white shake and I feel like I’m going to die deliciously after all that


My own update:

I went to the Grubstake Diner in SF after initially getting a bad vibe from the place the first time I went and A: That low initial appraisal was entirely uncalled for. B: Their milkshakes completely fill the milkshake shaped gap in my life. Also they put rainbow sprinkles on the copious whipped cream.

But please, please, continue to discuss the goodness of the milkshake. Remind that I’m so glad to be lactose tolerant again.




Hell yeah banana milkshakes rule.Here’s a chocolate banana milkshake from Steak 'n Shake that I had while listening to the finale of the previous season of Austin’s actual play podcast.


There’s this old timey styled “fountain and pharmacy” in my town that is literally a soda fountain and milkshake place with a pharmacy in the back and they have the best milkshakes and floats and stuff and the most bizarrely bad service and my girlfriend and I continue to go there for the good treats.


… oh, milkshake thread, not milkshake duck thread.

Coconut milkshakes are nice, for ones (like me) who can’t hold their lactose. Obligatory cherry.


It’s both actually have you seen what strawberry milkshake said yesterday it was real bad


Brit here… WTF is a black and white milkshake


Since it’s a “fountain and pharmacy” can I get a little somethin’ somethin’ ground into my milkshake?

Had to guess, cookies and cream?


Oh ok, like Oreo style?



15 charactYep.


man this thread has made me tempted to try making a milkshake at home, i have a blender that works well for fruit & vegetable smoothies and i think it’s about time it graduated into becoming a Dairy Abomination Machine


sacrifice your body and soul to lactose-hell and add an extra scoop. embrace the dark malt god


I cannot believe I forgot to mention an immersion blender. It’s the closest thing you’re going to get to the paddles on an actual milkshake machine. I’m so dense. (Unlike a good milkshake.)


I went to shake shack for the first time in my life in Summer as one opened up in Osaka.
The burgers were great, but I still haven’t tried their shakes… They’re like $8 each.


inspired by this thread, i made my first milkshake! it was a little runny but i got the taste right. i’ll have to experiment further.


Best low-key place to get a very good shake:
Whichwich. Destroys anything that a local burger joint can offer. I live in a moderately populated city, and whichwich actually beats most of the small batch ice cream and soda shops that have exploded on the scene here. Generally no frills, non-concrete shake that you can sip through a straw immediately. Flavors tend to be simple but they do offer limited flavors at times.


Which-which, Steak n Shake, and Shake Shack are probably some of my favorite shakes for casual sit downs. I live in the South, and my favorite fast food shake though is definite from Chick-fil-a. The chocolate shake is absolutely amazing and is almost my gold-standard for cheap chocolate shakes. My favorite shake from a ice cream place though was a cold brew and Mexican vanilla shake from Amy’s in Austin, TX. It was the perfect pick me up for the middle of the day in July after doing a bunch of shopping in the heat.