The great weird Japanese dev battle?


Just laying it out here, which 4 will win in a fight (either physical or mental)?

  • Hideo Kojima
  • Goichi Suda (Suda 51)
  • Taro Yoko
  • Hidetaka Suehiro (SWERY)

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My dude Taro has been fucking up my life since Drakengard.


Consider -

  • Halfway through the fight, Suda will tag out and start letting other people fight in his name
  • Both Swery and Kojima will have the scrappy courage of being let go by their former company and undergoing a new venture
  • Swery became a monk during his time off work, and has probably unlocked hidden powers
  • With his mask, Yoko Taro has no punch out-esque facial tells and will be a total wildcard to his opponents


Taro would send a group text before the fight that caused them all to forfeit AND send apology gifts to his office. Easy


If Kenji Eno was still alive, it would be him. After weigh in, he’d gain 30 extra pounds of muscle for the actual match. Then rip off his Sony logo to reveal a Sega logo underneath.

bless you eno


Strongly pro Yoko Taro. To the point that while I know that you could totally google and see how he looks without a mask I will not. Cause there should be mysteries in life. Oh yeah and his games are cool, I guess.


Suda would obviously end up getting DQ’d early. Maybe there’s a scuffle, Kojima “accidentally” hits SWERY w/ a low-blow or a foreign object for that elimination. Then it’s down to just Yoko Taro and Hideo Kojima. They go back and forth, but after repeated interference from Mads Mikkelsen it looks like Taro has no chance - just then, a second figure wearing an Emil head comes out of the crowd to save our babyface in peril. Hideo knocks the mask off, revealing none other than Hideki Kamiya. But wait. Kojima smiles menacingly and 2 sweets Kamiya and SWERVE Kamiya attacks Yoko Taro instead. Kojima finally turns full heel like he’s been building towards for so long, and the next night on RAW makes the announcement that Platinum is being absorbed into his studio and there will never be a Nier 3


I like this mostly because it gives me an opportunity to put forth my theory

Swery and Taro are the yin and yang of eccentric auteur Japanese game devs

Light/Darkness Hope/Despair