The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Game Has the Sloppy Appeal of Its Source Material

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy begins with a flashback where a young version of the game’s protagonist, Peter Quill, has a conversation with his mother in his childhood home. It’s a somber encounter for anyone familiar with the original comics or the films: it’s Quill’s last day on Earth, just before his mom is killed and he is abducted from everything he had previously known.

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I’m amazed that it’s not completely on fire but also cannot yet tell if this is a thing I should see for myself. Off to the Quick Look, I guess. Also, in honor of my late high school English teacher, I would absolutely be docking points for “irregardless”

Is it weird that this is a game I’m super excited to get on discount or Gamepass?

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Not at all. Honestly having that same discussion with myself.


Other than ‘irregardless’ it’s a very well written review.

Replaying the Halo games recently has reminded how little games used to talk at you. Watching some footage of this and it looks enjoyable enough but holy shit can they please stop talking for 30 seconds? Is this what the movies are like now? The last one I saw was the Taika Waititi one.

Marvel games are a money pit and a cultural cul-de-sac. They need to be expensive as hell to meet the spectacle of movies that are almost 90% pre-vis, but by the time they come out they’ve released 5 new movies AND the AAA market has moved in another direction.


I don’t know if I’m personally interested in playing a licensed action game at all at this point, but I’m glad this sounds like it’s a bit better than a total train wreck considering how Avengers turned out.