The Haunting of Hill House


I was into this show until the old timey flapper ghost who used wayyyy too much slang. It was so goofy, it completely broke the narrative tension.


I finished it yesterday. This show had me hooked from the beginning. Having read some of the comments here, I hadn’t really picked up on some of the issues. On the whole I thought it was a great riff on the original book, with some really good character rich stories punctuated with some really chilling moments and jump out scares. What I liked the most, was the way the horror was so rooted to character and how you could read into their individual hauntings as their perception of reality mixed with their own inner demons and trauma.

In regards to the finale It probably did move out of horror territory, but I think the story became about how to face horror and confront your demons and move past the terror.

Definitely want to see more from Mike Flanagan, I’d be happy if they left Haunting of Hill House alone though. That was an incredible piece of work. Netflix are always able to launch a great first series, but sustaining it always becomes a bit of a drag. House of Cards was getting dull even before the whole Kevin Spacey debacle, Orange is the New Black felt as if it was becoming a soap opera in Season 2 and Stranger Things 2 just felt like a rehash. I guess it’s not a problem exclusive to Netflix, but they do so much to create something different which works so well and then they just get caught in a trap of sequelising it.


Just watched episode 6 last night. Damn, that was so good.
I’m not a horror person but I’m loving this thing. Can’t wait to see what happens next. I saw that twist at the end of episode 5 (Nell being the bent neck lady) coming about five minutes before it happened, but it’s still an awesome thing and had my mind whirring about how the heck that could even work.
My girlfriend and I are doing an episode a night. I don’t think I could handle two in a row, it’s just so heavy. Really keen to wrap this up this week though!