The HITMAN Thread

With the announcement of Hitman III I thought it a good time to start a general thread, but I also have one bit of discussion:

Hitman 2016 released episodically over about 6 months. IOI was still with Square at the time, so it’s unclear whose idea the release structure was, or if it was regarded as a failure internally and led to IOI and Square parting ways. Personally, I can say that the episodic releases worked really well on me. I delved into every level, I saw all the facets of the story they wanted me to see, and I felt the benefits of the unlockable gadgets. It was a good time!

With 2, my experience was different. The entire game released at once. Additionally, owners of 2016 could fold that game into the install of 2, and the original maps had unlocks you could use everywhere. I think this confounded my plan of attack, and I ended up just racing through the new levels and not finding all the reasons to stick around. Revisiting the old maps also didn’t seem appealing; maybe some busywork for a particularly useful gadget, but nothing felt new there, except their new lightning model that didn’t always work well with the original designs.

Now, III is releasing all at once. If you played 2016 and 2, do you have a specific idea of how you want to tackle the game? Do these presentation issues matter to you? What is the core experience that keeps Hitman engaging for you? I don’t know what else to do, other than slow myself down considerably. From 2, I know that IOI is capable of replicating their stellar environmental work, I just need to let myself enjoy it.

I’m fine with getting it all at once, but that’s how I played the other two so I don’t have any other experience. It wasn’t a problem to linger on one level for some time instead of jumping ahead. Maybe not having access to just one meant I didn’t play any one to death too much, so I never got tired of going back either. The feeling of discovery in a new map is incredible, it’s a hoot. But then to perfect it, to execute on plans you can only do because you’ve made that place your home! Oh, baby.

Btw, it’s IO Interactive. Eidos was just the publisher of the older games.

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Oh jeez, fixed! I won’t write a post all on my phone with no notes next time

I did end up really enjoying the episodic release schedule for the first game, but I know that annoyed a lot of people so it doesn’t bother me they ditched it for 2 & 3.

I had a similar experience with 2, where I rushed through the new levels, and aside from the Colombia level, I ended up not really revisiting them too much. I think one of the problems is the new maps feel much larger compared to the maps in the original, to their detriment I think. Although I did end up playing the DLC maps (New York and the Resort Island) quite a bit. Was it just because they were released separately, or was it because those maps were smaller in scope compared to the maps from the main game?


I personally liked the episodic release because to be quite honest I play about one mission and have a blast then walk away and come back in a few months to do another rinse and repeat. Having new episodes to look forward to can be fun and keeps it feeling fresh.


A break with an episodic structure is good. Not the same game but I wish Red Dead Redemption 2’s epilogue had been released after the initial launch. Gives time to digest what you’ve watched or played and I never like the discussions around shows that release as one to binge on.