The Horrifying Sound of Death in Games

The 'Call of Duty: WWII' trailer uses gut-wrenching audio to sell its pathos. It's not the only one.

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this is a weighty piece, and there’s a lot to process in it, but I’ll say that I can also hear the Hyper Light Drifter cough in my head, pitch perfect, right now, and have been hearing it since I played the game last July. it’s superbly designed, which seems like a bit of a weird thing to say, but for real: you feel that cough, you feel it in your chest and your throat and your lungs, and the blood that spurts out after it is a completely understandable after effect.

and like Kunzelman says, it carries pretty significant meaning with it, within the larger context of the game & its story (and the main character). I guess the cough is so memorable cause it combines this visceral physical sound with a symbolic/emotional meaning that looms over the entire game.

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I felt this similar feeling when playing the specific part in Spec Ops The Line and I wish I knew what it was. And if I can say for movies, Logan had a lot of that for me in terms of hearing the sound of death from a certain character.

Bloodborne has some pretty horrifying death sounds imo

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