The How-To on Pitching to Waypoint!


Hey everyone! Waypoint is currently accepting freelance pitches, and we often get questions tweeted/DM’d to us asking for tips & tricks on pitching us stories. @austin_walker has updated our About page with just that! Click here for general Waypoint info and pitch tips! I’ve also pasted the tips below!

What We’re Looking For

  • Reported articles on interesting communities, emerging scenes, and under-covered trends.
  • Timely, thoughtful and well informed takes. We’re not interested in running op-eds that relitigate old arguments.
  • Personal essays on the effect a specific game has had on your life.
  • Focused retrospectives on a game or trend that has new relevance.
  • Immersive, voice-y first person reporting from live events.
  • Crossover esports coverage centered on the human stories behind the competition, or that can energetically explain recent esports events to a wider audience without alienating insiders.
  • Exciting and intriguing profiles on game developers, communities, professional players, etc.

What We’re Not Looking For

  • Traditional reviews, previews, technical breakdowns, or news stories
  • Column ideas.
  • Encyclopedic retrospectives without a central argument.
  • Speculative reporting and op-eds that have no basis in hands-on experience or reporting.
  • Articles we’ve read elsewhere: Always check to make sure you aren’t pitching an article that has already been written. It happens more often than you might think.
  • General offers to write: We want developed pitches, not just offers to write for us.

Some Additional Helpful Tips

Waypoint is informed writing for a wide audience. Good pitches will refrain from being too niche without dumbing down the content for mass appeal.
Be realistic: If you aren’t confident in your ability to secure an interview, don’t pitch a profile. If you can’t meet the required deadline, don’t say that you can.
How to Pitch to Waypoint

Email a developed pitch to, explaining your story’s core idea, format, length, and expected turnaround time. Link relevant writing samples, include a potential headline and dek, and indicate whether or not you have secured any interviews you intend to pursue for the piece. Please note: Waypoint receives an overwhelming number of pitches every week. Unfortunately, that means that we cannot reply to every pitch that we receive.

Thanks everyone!

Advice on Pitching to Waypoint?

Thanks for updating us!