The 'Iceborne' Beta Teaches an Old Monster Hunter New Tricks

Monster Hunter World's success was a surprise to many, which means that it shouldn’t be so surprising that the game's first large expansion would deliver on their promise of exciting power fantasies pitting you (and sometimes your friends) against tremendous lifelike monsters. However, while I enjoyed my time with the base game, I found the amount of grind in it's final hours taxing, and would only check back in when a new monster was released. By the time Capcom announced Iceborne, the title's first full-fledged expansion DLC, I had fully fallen off the Monster Hunter train, and the promise of a new area and some new monsters wasn’t enough to draw me in. The fantasy had lost its sheen.

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It’s interesting to me that all of Waypoint (except maybe Danika?) fell off MH:W at the exact same point. I really hope they revisit the game because the Elder Dragons are fun to fight (except maybe Teostra) and the last boss is great.
It’s worth it to see, and from there many more optional events and unique monsters open up for you.
An addendum re: Tigrex in snow, I have a feeling it’s only there in the beta and Investigations, and you’ll probably fight it in one of the older maps, similar to how they put Nergigante in Ancient Forest in the original release beta.

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Haven’t played the beta but what I want from the expansion is more new monsters that aren’t just meant to be extremely challenging. Lunastra for example is a monster I will never want to fight, it’s just not fun for me. So more casual monsters, please.

A friend and I went through the Iceborne hunts over the weekend and the changes made us extremely excited to get back into hunting. So much so we’re back on our bullshit playing MHW again. The changes to the weapons made them feel really fresh and the hook-shot added so many options to an encounter.

Capcom has really been knocking it out of the park lately.

Edit: Oh yeah, what Rob wants is already in the game. Beetlejuice and the Pickle are always hunting you. They will always show up when you’re fighting something else and always butt in at the worse times. It’s a real bummer that Waypoint and Giantbomb essentially quit the game after they got out of the tutorial. High Rank is where shit gets real.


On one hand, I really want to get back into hunting monsters. On the other, going back to ps4 load times is going to be rooough and they haven’t announced a date for the pc version.

Tigrex has always been an all-terrain monster, but it was introduced as a predator in the snowy mountains surrounding Pokke Village. I’d be very surprised if it didn’t show up in the new snowy area, although I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see it in the desert, either.

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Can I just say I feel fulfilled hearing that Austin pronounces Tigrex the same way I do? ‘Tie-grex’ as opposed to “Tee-grex”

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I was firmly in this camp but the VO for iceborne seems to cement it as tee-grex.

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Taking this opportunity to post MHF2 intro. We all eventually learn to love the Tigrex.


I’m super excited for Iceborne, but I’m a little disappointed in the current High Rank grind. I just hit stage two tempers, and while they can be challenging fights, I’m not sure they’re challenge enough to make me really invested in doing them constantly for decoration drops? Maybe I’ll work up to tempered Elders and that’ll be fun, but I’m hoping Master Rank feels a little more robust, and not hinged on this single mechanic.

Same here, I really enjoy just jumping in just to feel the gameplay, but I’ve crafted most of what I wanted and have fought all these creatures dozens of times already, tempered hunts don’t do much to enhance it.

I want them to do more stuff like Kulve Taroth, which is a “raid” like hunt where the structure is markedly different as well as the reward structure, to mix things up for the end-game. Plus these events tend to be pretty popular so you get a lot of random people teaming up.


They almost made it to the end of high rank! Though Jho hadn’t been added yet.

I think it’s a tough spot to come back to, with all those elders.

I really need to give Kulve Taroth a try, but I worry about never doing it before, and I’ve heard now it’s always the Arch-Tempered version? Maybe I’ll just have to find people on the discord next time it’s on PC.

I’ve never done Kulve before either, and I’m on PC. I’m down to fail at understanding how it works.

By the time you get to Nergigante, Beetlejuice already should haunt pretty much every single expedition you go on, though.

If you haven’t tried Kulve Taroth yet you absolutely should, its a total blast. Arch-Tempered Kulve is a separate mission; it rotates between that and the normal one just like the event quests rotate in and out. So the non-AT Kulve should return eventually if it’s not around now.

I would recommend trying it out with a couple friends (ideally 4) first and then jumping into some randoms’ sessions if you aren’t able to gather the full 16 players. Kulve sieges can have 4 teams of 4 working in parallel instances, where every team contributes to shared objectives and reward levels and stuff. It’s real neat.

The weapons you get from completing it can be really good, but Kulve is also a good way to get absolutely ridiculous amounts of money, since she’s literally covered in gold that you can collect throughout the mission as it chips off, and the nature of the mission means you’ll be making multiple cumulative attempts until you win, so you end up picking up tons of materials.

Unfortunately, I believe it has been confirmed as Tee-grex. But you do you!

Kulve is a fun fight, but the reward structure is my least favorite thing in the game. There are something like 600 weapons you could get and it is all random. You could never get a weapon that is meta defining (for example the glutton HBG which is the best non-cluster HBG by a mile), and that stinks.

MH was always about crafting what you want and the randomness is that some parts might be harder to get, but you’ll get them eventually. Really hope she isn’t brought back in master rank. Fun fight though, the first few times.

I like that the reward structure felt different just in a change of pace kind of way but I agree it’s not great, especially because I now have my inventory chock full of largely just-competent weapons instead of a carefully selected few and I don’t want to sell any but dupes because they’re part of a rng reward system. This game would benefit from a second vault for that reason alone.

On the other hand you can get a pretty good weapon for a class you don’t normally use which allows you to experiment without having to dump a bunch of materials into something.