The internet is a volatile place, what's something that's vanished that you miss?


In light of recent events I found myself thinking about other sites that just up and closed down with no warning or the community just ceased to exist.

I’m personally fairly involved in the Source Engine modding community and in the last few years I’ve noticed more and more sites that our development wiki links out to vanishing. When it comes to custom or hexed assets it’s even bleaker. With places like FileFront/GameFront vanishing so also vanishes a lot of work. I realized last year at one point that if I didn’t start doing things like sifting through old forums and manually backing up things they were just going to be lost to time. I now have a dropbox just full of old ZPS maps because back then most people were just posting them on our forum. There’s also this section of my external hard drive and G drive that are now just dedicated to things like ripped models from Mortal Kombat or CoD4 that someone cleaned up and redid the skeletal work to make it work with the engine.

So what are some sites that you used to visit that are now gone?


Does anyone rememer Rocktoons? I liked Rocktoons. I used to print out the pictures and glue them to my binders in middle school


I played asheron’s call for about 6 years and it’s super weird that it’s something I can never go back to even if I wanted to.


Even though I rarely play them, it’s always so weird to see/hear about MMOs getting shut down. Virtual Magic Kingdom and Club Penguin both come to mind. It’s almost sad to see those videos of “The Last Minutes of [PSO/Club Penguin/VMK/etc.]”.


PlanetQuake and DejaNews. Also xarchie.

Yes! I’m old.


I wrote about it just before, but for me it was Ziff Davis and 1UP. That was my chosen source for almost any news relating to games, listening to their last few podcasts or reading their finale news update is sobering, haunting. It was uncertain times for them, luckily most landed on their feet, but just waking up and reading that news was a very sad day.

Also, as jvm said, PlanetQuake, they was basically the best place to get Quake mods at the time, such a great website



I spent hours in middle school playing sodaconstructor with my cousins. Making those objects squirm around was our first experience with creating objects and characters, even if they were amoebic blobs that just wriggled around for our amusement.


There’s really really not that I’m aware of. Many of the places I once on the internet I stopped liking long before they faded into irrelevance. I spent a lot of time on BBS’s when I was young but there was very little that was good or kind or redeemable about those places. I know some people had gentler introductions to the wider Internet, but given how nasty things could get even in those small, local spaces, the rise of chan culture isn’t that big a shock to me.

AnimeOnDVD was another place I spent a lot of time but by the time it got shut down I was long gone, and in my mind it had become an extremely insular community that was hard to be a part of.


The Adult Swim message boards didn’t disappear, but they got a really large overhaul a couple of years ago that really changed the entire dynamic and turned away a lot of regular posters. That was my first message board so it was an awful thing to just see something you loved just go away.


Ah, yes, xspringies

VMS and DEC, baby!


Reminds me of the Marvel message boards, but in reverse. I spent a ton of time on them, but nothing there ever changed, and eventually everyone got bored and left.


I miss the old Quake 3 forums. I used to be a moderator on there years and years ago. Funny enough, they’re still around with a very small amount of activity. I was quite fond of 1up too, though mostly their podcasts and I do still listen to retronauts.


I actually came across a forum earlier in the year with people who were still playing Quake 3 on their Dreamcasts using some kind of emulated SegaNet. One of the oddest things I have seen online in awhile.


I’ve been on the net since 1995.

There aren’t as many things that have vanished that I miss as there are things I’ve stopped visiting and forgotten about.

That’s not better.


WoW Radio/WC Radio. I so miss this place and that community. A lot of the casters/hosts splintered off into different places. While I was able to keep up for a while eventually it just got too difficult to keep track of who was doing what.


I know Steam shut down the old forums. They continued existing after the introduction User Discussions for quite a while, but sometime this year they just up and shut them down completely. I’d long left by that point – it was one of my last “I’ll grit my teeth and bear it” communities – but I did spend a part of my life quite intensely participating there, and it was a bit of a shocker to find out after the fact that it had been completely wiped away. Not archived, just deleted.

Way before that, there was a roleplaying forum that was also attached to a browser-based PvP duel game – no animations, just text, IIRC – and a reputation system of sorts. It was some guy’s personal project, see.

I was about to say “he kept it online as an archive even though most of the people left over the course of a decade”, but I just checked now and… it’s down too. RIP. (At least with this one I have some of my own stuff saved – it may have been embarrassing and silly, but it’s my embarrassing and my silly, dammit!)

In both cases it’s not so much that I wish I were still a part of it, more that it’s unsettling to have parts of one’s past wiped out of existence.


Kotor Fan Media. The domain registration expired and was never renewed. There were some good stories that are just gone now.

I miss Livejournal a lot. More of a slow death than completely vanishing. The site changed and most users moved to Tumblr. Last time I went, only one community was relatively active.


Don’t know if this counts, but I miss the old Star Wars Galaxies before the fatal update.


Come to Dreamwidth! Some of the communities moved there, especially fannish and event-centric ones. I think you don’t need an invite anymore at this point.

Admittedly the critical mass of people is indeed on Tumblr, but there are folks here too :slight_smile:


oh goodness Livejournal! I used to do avatar/icon requests on there, that was my late teenage haven