The Internet Ruins Everything, Including Our Sweet Boy, Toad

Content Warning: We begin with the Trump/Toad Discourse.

Today, Danielle, Natalie, Patrick, and Rob sit down to talk about the ways in which fandoms interpret works. Why is it that we can find the "horny" in just about any piece of media? When is it inconsequential fun, and when—as in the case of Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie—is the question of a character's sexuality something worth taking a little more seriously. Plus, we take a quick dip in the bucket to discuss a piece of lore from Quantum Break.

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For more on Bert and Ernie, I highly recommend Elizabeth Simins’ twitter feed (, starting Sept 18).

particularly this thread here


I haven’t listened to this yet but do the Waypointeers mention that JK Rowling is a TERF and a bad person?

They don’t quite get into her TERF views, but they def call out Rowling for her cynical pandering to the gay and black communities after the books were written.

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Dik dik?


Pretty sure I heard Rob dismissing Peter Jackson’s earlier work, but Dead Alive will always be his masterpiece in my eyes.

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It’s interesting viewing the Harry Potter text as anti-Thatcherite (as mentioned in the podcast) from someone at the time who needed the safety net of society and then comparing that to JK today.

Outside of the complete obliviousness to inclusion and the reactionary politics already mentioned, this is someone who is still extremely politically active in general but not with a focus on defending that safety net from the devastating attacks upon it in the last decade. Someone enacting a political campaign against what establishment Left does exist in the UK because she’s worried about her riches and explicitly doing so via pushing a story first published in the far-Right press that says Leftism is inherently anti-Semitic. From someone who is not a part of that community and wrote this hugely popular series of books whose most popular depiction includes the portrayal of bankers in this morality tale for children as… an anti-Semitic stereotype (itself reinforcing the Left vs moneyed people means Left vs Jews falsehood).

At least it worked out for Bowser.

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I love that this episode, with its topic, came out and then the next day Bowsette happens.


Good episode, but the ads were a bit loud in comparison to the podcast. The midroll ad in particular was jarring.

I apologize if there’s a better place to report this that I am unaware of.

On my timeline I’ve just been seeing a ton of extremely cute Peach/Bowsette fanart and people saying that Bowser is now a trans lesbian. So I would say, at least on my corner of the Internet, that the Internet has improved the Mario series in this case — not ruined anything. : p

But yeah it does relate to the whole conversation of how the Internet turns everything horny, and the timing of the podcast is pretty amazing.

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Hey Numaroth!

Unfortunately, we don’t manually place or even choose the ads for the pod, it’s all done “programatically” (aka, algorithmically or procedurally). Which means that it’s just not possible for us to manually change that stuff. Can you describe what the advertisement was? We may be able to send acast (our podcast host) a note about it!

IIRC the bumpers were both for The Voice (this was the first podcast where I had heard that ad), and the midroll was for Simply Light (which I’ve heard many times and isn’t usually an issue). I can redownload the episode to double check if it’s important.

I should note that it’s not that the ads themselves were unreasonably loud just that they were significantly louder than the podcast volume. Which I guess makes sense since you don’t have any control over them.

Thanks for checking on this. Keep up the good work!