The Item You Can Never Have: A Thread of Impossible Purchases and Gifts

I got in a hole today of diving into my musical tastes and ended up on the website of experimental musician Grouper. I found out that she sells a fantastic shirt.

Unfortunately, the shirt is long sold out.

This got me thinking about how, before the advent of iTunes and the internet, how some things, especially music, were impossible to find. My dad spent years searching for a copy of the Muppet Movie OST to give to a family friend before digital music came around.

So I have a question: What is one thing you would like to have or give, but cannot get because it is sold out or now unattainable?

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I am in a years long quest to try and find a vinyl copy of the Ed Banger Records… banger? of a single “NEVER BE ALONE / STEAMULATION / ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE" by Justice.

I found someone in Canada selling a 12" of Never Be Alone and 2 remixes for about $20, so I don’t think getting the original with all three songs is actually unattainable, but it’s been hard to find.

Related: If anyone knows any record stores in Toronto that might have it DM me plz. I’ve checked Kops (on Queen West and on Danforth) and Sonic Boom and no dice.


I’m all about vinyl too.

One of my favorite records from my favorite Synthwave band is never in print…


Just start fronting coke, and you’ll be good.

Neon Genesis Evangelion on home video.

Seriously Gainax, what the fuck-ass?

There was a tape compilation I had as a kid, and have since re-found second hand, massively inflated (many multiple times more expensive than what I paid all those years ago). So, I figured I’d try recreate it, from track listing, on Spotify - because of course, why wouldn’t that work?

Turns out 90% of the compilation was exclusive mixes. You can get the songs, but they’re not those songs. Which is utterly maddening.