The Joyous Gamer Is The Face of E3 2019 Apparently And I Don't Know How To Process It


what is happening


I think that means Natalie just got field promoted to head of Waypoint. Austin better start working on his baby voice if he wants to stick around.


I would love to know why the ESA choose that photo in particular. Natalie does look like she is having a ton of fun in that photo.


Can the joyous gamer stay joyous in the face of LA Rob?


More like NataliE3 amiright?

That was the best I had.


The Joyous Gamer returns! Hardened by the Fields of Dispair she is ready to rebuild this world in her happy image. OwO~.


Little did any of us know, Natalie is in fact SO powerful, that this picture was actually taken at E3 2019 and she sent it back here.

Please tell us your secrets Natalie…will Sony actually not deliver a press conference…? Will EA finally announce Skate 4?

The people need to know!


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