The Kingdom Hearts DLC Makes Just As Much Sense as the Rest of the Series

Like Xehanort and his various vessels standing atop pillars of rock, the Lore Reasons crew has reconvened to talk about the latest entry into the expansive Kingdom Hearts mythos. The structure of the new Re Mind DLC left most of the crew cold, even if some moments and combat sections were legitimately joyous. None of us played Limit Cut, the gauntlet of boss fights, but we do a live watch of the secret endings and discuss their odd origins. Come join us for one last dive, and remember: May your heart be your guiding key! You can listen to the full episode and read an excerpt below.

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Patrick explaining the Journey of that final final final reveal was honestly incredible to listen to. What the hell is Nomura doing? At least its interesting.

As a fan of Metal Gear, I am super hype for the hints they’ll be tackling that next. That franchise is both incredible and deeply fraught and I love it. GET ROB IN ON THAT, PLEASE. THANK YOU.


The idea put forward towards the end about Kingdom Hearts maybe becoming a vehicle for continuing other old Square properties has me thinking about World of Final Fantasy, which reveals in it’s in-game database that a somewhat major character is actually a sort of continuation to a VERY obscure DS RPG called Sigma Harmonics.

Seriously tho, if you like Kingdom Hearts, you’ll LOVE World of Final Fantasy. Very much cut from the same cloth, to the point where I am convinced that WoFF is a secret Kingdom Hearts game.

Dang you toying with my heart for a Metal Gear Lore Reasons. I would be so down, and to echo what ArcturusOne says that Rob should definitely get in on it, what with all the military hardware and whatnot, as far as I know he has not played the series either.

As hype as that Mickey moment was, probly not worth 30 dollars.


First off, the ReMind episode is not worth $30. (However just watching the end again made me cry another two times, so KH3 got me six times total now.) But the pain and suffering I’ve endured to take out just five of the fourteen super ridiculously hard bosses in the last few weeks is priceless. These guys make Sephiroth in KH2 look a slow old man barely trying to hit you.

Anyway, my real point is the BIG SPOILERS post-credit stuff at the end of the episode. The gang going over Nomura’s career and the general trajectory of Final Fantasy since FFXII. If say, you’re like me and didn’t like FFXIII or FFXV or dared open your heart to the MMOs, it’s been a rough time. A real rough time. The fact that this all leads back to Versus XIII, Nomura’s failed dream project that was a particularly sad disappointment for me too, says it all. I was feeling legitimately depressed looking back at it. Clearly Nomura isn’t in a good place about that thing either.

I’ll put in a spoiler wall for the rest of this: I remember when Versus XIII was announced and how fucking cool it looked. This was just after KH1’s big post-credits stinger in also a modern-looking city. Nomura was the Kingdom Hearts guy, so I assumed it was gonna be a dark Final Fantasy game that played like a KH. Instead, FFXV was nothing like that… If you enjoyed FFXV, have fun with that. I’m glad you’re happy. I was so bored by that game I didn’t even finish it.

But what really kills, KILLS ME TO THIS DAY, truly tortures me, is that regardless of how the game turned out, they still didn’t actually make the story Nomura wanted. They replaced the main female lead, Stella, with another character named Lunafreya. Obviously characters change all the time (trivia: Vincent Valentine in FFVII was originally gonna be an Agent Mulder-esque character in his first draft before becoming a Hot Topic Vampire). But it’s so weird to change a character’s and design when no other character did. Then Lunafreya, rather infamously, is just fridged in FFXV’s narrative. She never really gets to do anything that isn’t in support of the hero, even in the movie where she co-stars, she’s just a damsel. Stella was shown off as this dynamic action character who was Noctic’s equal. Lunafreya is a victim and nothing more. Did Nomura like refuse to let his character suffer that story change and forced the new team to replace her? Will there be justice for Stella? Have I lost my fucking mind being an increasingly bitter fan of FF and KH for decades now and am just miserable about it? Maybe. At least KH3 was awesome, and maybe I still have hope of getting a game worth something out of that whole Fabula Novus Crystallis debacle. (though Type-0 was okay).

Anyway, if you’re mad about Kairi, ohhhh boy, can it ever be so much worse.

Beastcast corrections trumpet

Super minor point: the first fight against Dark Inferno in Re:Mind is not new, it’s a reskin of the only “secret boss” in the base game. Getting back in my hole peace.

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Tetsuya Nomura directed Advent Children.

Hm, my interest in the FF7 Remake may have just plummeted.

Also, I let out the loudest sigh when it cuts to a year later and they say “Kairi decided to put herself in a coma” FFFFFFFFFUCK OFFFF, I am so goddamn sick of how this series treats her. I hope the next non-mobile game we get is about Aqua, Terra, and Ven. Birth by Sleep Versus XIII-2, or whatever.


For those who want to watch along:
The Cid at his computer cutscene (be ready to pause like 5 seconds in when the crew gets an ad)

I don’t think they mentioned what video they were watching for the secret episode opening cutscene, but this video has it at 10 seconds, and they switch to using this one for the ending cutscenes, at about 4:03 and 14:37

The comparison video at the end of the podcast

Also the hoodie Cado is wearing


The bit where Austin starts comparing Kingdom Hearts to Star Wars is 100% peak Lore Reasons.


Thank you! Their conversation would have been difficult to follow without these videos.

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Recently I put two and two together some facts about Elder Scrolls lore and realized that the main character from Oblivion shows up in Skyrim and you talk to him and everything, so while it sounds like at some point in the theoretical future the crew would love to do Lore Reasons: Metal Gear, this is me once again saying oh my god please do Elder Scrolls, there’s just SO much wild stuff in there.