The 'Kingdom Hearts III' DLC Trailer Is Here And We. Have. Questions.

That's right, there's new Kingdom Hearts III DLC, and that means new reaction videos! We stopped this week's Waypoint Radio dead in its tracks to watch the brand new trailer. Watch below as Cado and Patrick try their best to unpack the new trailer from their (admittedly shoddy) memories of the Kingdom Hearts lore, while Danielle wonders where the alcohol is and Rob answers "It's right here with me." Watch our reactions and listen to the full episode below!

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I want more content relating to Rob’s Large Speakers from now on.


I know a lot of people love it, but listening to people watch trailers is not a fun experience for me.
To keep being a villain I’m over video game dog petting. As not a dog person this moment in time is super boring. (I’m also the victim of racist dog attacks so I’m not here for all dogs are good dogs either).
Monster hunter sounds cool though.

Oh!! Patrick is wrong about audio. I believe he is doing the thing where since he doesnt care he believes no one cares and that isn’t true. It may sound like I’m doing that, but I’m not. The main proof we have is the sheer amount of people that spend $200+ on headphones. People buy beats because they think they sound good. Bose is doing fine. People buy sonos speakers. Capitalism has forced audiophiles into different places, but people still like things to sound good.
Also y’all gotta get out of New York and Chicago. People spend money on their car speakers now in a way that’s different than years before. Maybe it’s a southern poor thing, but cars sound so good now and people still listen to music there on summer drives. There is a bigger market for portable bluetooth speakers that sound really good.
Saying the ipod killed good sounding music shows a really narrow view of music. It makes it seem like cassettes sounded good. People always wanted convenience. Records are easier than a live band. Records sounding great is a happy accident. CDs was more on purpose but there were never going to be a lot of DVD audio disc people. (That shit did sound dope though). But people didn’t buy CDs for the audio quality, the bought them cause that’s how music was distributed. Rob is correct that the way in which audiophiles listened to music has changed due to the circumstances of how we live. The percentage of people who like good sounding stuff is probably the same, they just don’t own houses.
Also a lot of this comes down to how you view audio. Specifically music. Music is the most important thing in my life. I’ve always been broke though so I’ve never had good audio equipment. And I’ve lived in apartments most of my life (even with my parents) so speakers were out. But I know when it sounds good and you can get really good sounding music really cheap these days. You don’t need those $300 headphones. $50 will put you in a great place. Hell, my $15 bluetooth headphones sound significantly better than I was betting on. But if I had a house and extra money you bet I’d buy a dope speaker system instead of using my old altec lansing PC speakers I got from a circuit city clearance sale. It’s the same with video quality and TVs. It’s the same with gaming systems. “Most” people dont care about graphics because “most” people are still playing Wii and PS2. We just don’t think about them. They’d rather have a ps4 pro, but shadow hearts is gonna have to work cause that’s what we have.

Also, where can I get more Rob thoughts on Jazz?


Jumping off what you said here, I think audio-phile tendencies have transitioned from super nice stereo systems to nice sounding headphones. I listen to a lot of electronic music and that needs at least a decent pair of headphones otherwise all of the layers are just compressed together. And to tie it all together with what Danielle mentioned, I would prefer not to go through the whole process of setting up massive speakers for my tv when I rent a two bedroom apartment and have been moving apartments on an almost yearly basis.

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The Antonio Brown talk sure has aged like milk.

I am curious what headphones Rob likes :thinking:

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The speaker talk has me thinking about getting a nice speaker setup for my record player and TV once again, but I really don’t think I wanna do that for real until I’m not in an apartment (if that ever happens). Right now I’m pretty happy with using a decent soundbar (which I got free from work) w/ my TV and my beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO headphones and FiiO E10K USB amp on PC.

5 years later and Rob’s partner’s family’s speakers are an ancient and cherished object worshipped by a cult of the apocalyptic wastes. Children are taken at 11 years to learn for over a decade till they’ve mastered the craft of milling the aluminum bands so that the glorious sound of the speakers may forever play.

The Monster Hunter segment is the strongest and most confident Cado’s editorial voice has sounded since he started being on the podcast. Loved what he had to say.


the thing about the patriots is that Rob (and frankly, most everyone else) misreads the ‘do your job’ and ‘next man up’ ethos as this twisted ‘uber team’ system. Its actually the exact opposite- the pats are the one team currently in the league who are openly, nakedly and un-apologetically super mercenary.

most teams pretend that there is something beyond the self interest of the players (who are professionals looking to make money and win acclaim to get endorsements) as if they were still kids playing for their highschool or hometown and not professionals traveling across the world to make money. because of that, they indulge in ridiculous nonsense about team spirit and loyalty and do all these weird fines and rules and other things adult professionals in any other career would rebel against. the pats (by contrast) throw all of that off- they assume you are a pro, they assume you will show up and do your job. if you do that, they will pay you and give you a solid shot at a title. if you don’t, they’ll cut you. most players benefit from doing all the camps and practices and keeping their nose clean and so they do, but if you get a gronkowski who wants to party and showboat and still can deliver the goods, they will take that too.

its deeply, cynically, mercenary and pure ‘its just business, friend’ in every aspect. but i think there are a lot of football players (especially guys who have been around) who find that sort of purely transactional relationship to be refreshing over the ‘you’re either all-in or all-out!’ chest beating of other franchises.

Excited to see if y’all will be complicit when it comes to the NFL’s crimes next episode!

  1. What the fuck is Tahini?
    2.“I know a lot of people love it, but listening to people watch trailers is not a fun experience for me.” Anyone who claims to love listening to people watch something is a liar or a terrible person.
  2. At least there is a link in the show notes. yay!

i also want to chime in that as someone who was forced to eat teddy peanut butter because i was visiting relatives last weekend, tahini and teddy are basically the same thing. sugar heavy smooth or crunchy peanut butters are nothing like it, but old school ‘the oil separates from the pea’ butters are the same consistency and nearly the same flavor. if that is your reference point, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference

Tahini is a paste made out of crushed sesame seeds - similar to peanut butter in texture.

It’s good! I think it’s used mostly as an ingredient rather than a condiment/spread though