The Knives, They Are Indeed Out

Anyone else seen Knives Out? If not, you should. It’s real good. A really fun ensemble cast murder mystery with no kidding—actual decent politics it’s not afraid to share. In which Daniel Craig absolutely chews scenery with an incredible Southern drawl (at one point involving a long, drawn out tangent about donuts and donut holes). I think Rian Johnson has become the one writer/director whose films I refuse to miss in theaters. It was such a blast in every way.

Anyway, thought I’d make a thread in case anyone else had seen it and wanted to chat. If you’ve seen it, what are your thoughts?


There are not enough chef’s kisses in the whole wide world for that Hamilton joke


It was a great time watching this in a movie theater. Every big comedic scene landed for the audience, so it was just a joy laughing at the awful, ridiculous, rich white people on screen with strangers.

Daniel Craig’s performance is an obvious highlight worth restating, of course, but you gotta give props to Toni Collette’s Instagram influencer character.

Michael Shannon also proves that he can be intimidating in any role he takes, be it an awkward, insecure puritanical federal agent in the Prohibition era or an awkward, insecure publisher of his crime novelist father’s best-selling books.


I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m working on my 12 hour ‘response’ video to talk about how bad this movie is because of The Last Jedi.

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I wanted to see this with my partner on Friday, but (fortunately) I heard about the character who vomits beforehand. My partner has pretty severe emetophobia, so no dice there. Definitely going to see it without her some time this week, though.

Really enjoyed it a lot. It’s cool to have a classic mystery story which isn’t centered around demonstrating how clever the detective is.

“You’re not much of detective.”
“Well, you’re a lousy murderer yourself.”


I didn’t love it, but it’s a perfectly enjoyable and charming holiday watch for sure.

Knives out is my favorite movie this year and its not even close. So good. Every step it takes is perfect.

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i really enjoyed it it was a great story! i want to see it again and try to pick out details i missed.

chris evans was amazing and i found it interesting how i as a audience member was primed to trust him, since i so heavily associate him with captain america. its a good role for him post avengers and one that works to films advantage


Yeah, this was a ton of fun. I’ve seen some describe it as subversive which I think is underselling it a bit. It’s certainly very aware of and playful with its genre and I like that better than [framing] it as being out to trick you. But tbh maybe I’m just not understanding how people use that term in re to media.

“Knives Out” is a really good title, too.


Saw it last week at a full preview screening. It really was a delight. I did kind of guess what was happening before the ultimate reveal, but it was the way it played out that was such a treat. So meticulous.

Daniel Craig is so wasted as Bond. He’s having so much more fun here.

I was suprised that Rian Johnson got to make another movie. So many people were telling me that The Last Jedi killed his film career. Which is odd, because The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars movie or at least the absolute zenith in what we should expect from a new Star Wars film.


I mean, the obvious answer is that the people saying things like that are completely full of shit. That movie made a billion fucking dollars, Johnson isn’t going anywhere.


Yes, the movie that killed his film career so badly that Disney signed him on to make his own Star Wars trilogy, it was truly a disaster of epic proportions.


People in Hollywood love Looper and they really love Brick. And The Last Jedi made huge money. So Rian is good. And, no one says he is hard to work with from a studio standpoint.

The man plays with genre so well, I’ve been a ginormous fan since Brick (one of my personal favorites).

Love a mystery movie that is so confident in its story that it shows the audience everything. There’s no rug pulling or out of left field end reveals; all the clues are there.

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I’m trying to think if there’s anything about this movie I don’t like and I honestly can’t think of anything. It’s so good from top to bottom. I want to go see it again.

Give me more Kentucky Fried Daniel Craig.


Have you seen Logan Lucky? If not, you’re in for a treat.

I’ll be honest, I was really not in to the movie for the first half. The fact that she accidentally killed him just bummed me out, as it was obvious she truly cared. And the end still kind of made me sad. Two people died. I might be depressed? But by the end, I really enjoyed it! It was not what I was expecting, in a good way.

I just had a fun realization: early on in the movie when the author tells Marta to “not lie, but tell them pieces of the truth” and how that’s exactly how the movie unfolds.

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