The Kudos Connection - Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

I’m currently enjoying this mobile version of Animal Crossing! The biggest setback so far are the frustrating error codes that can pop up when you try to log in. Otherwise, the game is fun and I’m having a blast playing it with my 8 yr old daughter.

So if you’re into Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and would like to share stories, photos or add friends to help you on quests, please post your ID below!

Feel free to add me:

ID: 7165 1591 531

Was just going to make this thread. Glad I checked first!


Here is a helpful chart of who gives what material. Blurred for those who don’t want to be spoiled who all the villagers are.


Wow! This is awesome! Thank you!

I’m 8606 9239 908

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Thanks! Added you!

I would really love to play this game, but it’s not putting its best foot forward on the technical front. Every time I close the game and reopen it, it makes me redownload the same 199 MB patch that I’ve already downloaded before. As someone studying abroad without a consistent connection to the internet, this is a big ask, and moreover it would still be incredibly annoying even if I had a stable internet connection.

Has anyone else had to deal with this issue and found a way to solve it? I deleted the game off my phone in frustration earlier today, but I would gladly come back if I could move past this one specific issue.

I have seen it reported a bit in the Reddit, but I haven’t had the issue when closing the app down, sorry.

It seems to be running better today as well. Nowhere near the amount of communication errors I was getting from the first 2-3 days, so hopefully this is a sign they are ironing stuff out.

Overall I am enjoying this. Just reading what the animals are saying is pretty neat.

this seems to be the place to post friend ids for this

7058 9432 208


Sorry to hear that, @coltrane. I haven’t encountered that issue myself but I will dig around and see if anyone else has come across it and if they were able to find a solution.

Yay! Welcome, @sputnik :):smile:

One of these days I’ll manage to visit the quarry. I usually don’t add someone as a friend unless I actually know them, but in this game you seem to benefit from having a bunch of randos on your friends list.

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New update is here! Hopefully we see a decrease in connection errors.

@Taya Feel free to add me! I’m down to help out with the quarry.

My ID is 5942 2784 034!

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Glad to have you here, @Burncoat !

twitter has been dropping some serious pocket camp art at me


It me 89455451797 s/n is wexxy on there

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Apollo’s reaction is the best! :laughing:

Thanks for joining, @P4nt0mL4nc3r :+1:

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Hey all, my code is 1224 2261 104. Name is Joe!


this one is great.

Saw my 3 year old nephew this thanksgiving and played some pocket camp with him. He liked designing my character and painting the camper, but mostly was all about the fishing.


Apollo and Beau’s epic romance