The Kudos Connection - Animal Crossing Pocket Camp


Thank you, Joe!


That pocket picnic one is crazy good!


This is my first Animal Crossing game, but I’ve been enjoying it. It’s more relaxing than anything else I can play on my phone. But I need friends to get that kudos train rolling!

My friend code is 7605 1032 872 (Bumyan)


ID is 6946 8326 359

Up to level 15 now. Really enjoying just logging on for five minutes and collecting some stuff, now the connection issues seem to have slowed down. Only real issue I am having is only being able to collect a certain number of items. Crafting materials etc seem fine as you get a boost for their quantities at level 10 and 15, but the fruit/insects etc I seem to always be full on the wrong stuff, so when I go hunting for a specific item I have to put something up in the Market Boxes to make room.

I get the timer countdown for crafting etc, but limiting what you can collect this much, when there is a cooldown on when fruit etc can be picked anyway, seems a bit odd.


I’ve kind of remedied the bug and fish problems by buying that stuff from friends’ market boxes. Usually they list them for not a whole lot, and I tend to make that back when I trade in the items. That why my market boxes are filled with the more basic stuff that can be a pain to find when you need it!


Aha, I hadn’t really used them as for the first couple of days it was so slow to load them up. Will give that a go, thanks!


Friend request sent! Let’s get this train rolling! :grin:


Level 15 already! Nice!


Seems like there is no limit to getting building materials for platinum points on club nintendo, which helps. Some of the costs are crazy, 120 preserves for a corn stalk, that’s some premium corn.
I like this game but I might bounce if the load times don’t improve soon, for me it’s 20-30 second wait everytime you want to access anything that uses the server, like the friends list, etc.


That 20 - 30 second wait time is pretty horrible. :frowning_face:


Friend ID: 4716 6382 810 (Chris)

I’m really enjoying the game so far…but it’s just not the same as a mainline AC game. Still, for what it is, it’s great!


Yeah, it’s definitely not the same as a full AC game but fun nonetheless for what it delivers. Added you to my list! Thanks for joining the thread!


Automata Crossing.

Load times are better today, new animals too. sooner or later my platinum coins are gonna run out and the cotton/wood gravy train will end. everything seems to need cotton


I have fallen off now. I liked it for a week but I just feel it is all a bit limited, but maybe that’s the nature of these types of mobile games. I will continue to follow it though and will probably dive back in a bit over the Christmas holidays when I have more time.


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