The Last Express

In this episode of Guide to Games, we analyze The Last Express.

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Oh hey it’s a Guide to Games for one of my top five favourite games of all time. :clap::clap::clap:

If folk haven’t tried out this game before I do recommend the iOS port it’s perfectly functional. I’ve said it before in an open thread but I’ll say it again here.

I’m fairly certain that reading an in-depth walkthrough of The Last Express in a PC magazine as a kid is a major factor of me eventually studying to be a Game Designer. I had never experienced seeing a huge real time tapestry of scenarios being unfurled in front of me and really taking in how much work went into each event and how to interact and are effected by your own causality.


I really love these videos. I don’t think I’d ever heard of this game before Rob mentioned it on the podcast. It looks super unique! I might try to look into that iOS port at some point.

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I was maybe 10 when I found this game. Maybe my mom thought it was educational. I was not prepared for it.
I haven’t even thought about it until I saw those graphics just now and all those memories about being confused and stressed about the time limit rushed back. I could never get anywhere in it but I was still drawn to it because it felt so artistic and mature.

This is a fantastic, difficult game with so many missable details all over the place. A few years back, there was a fantastic LP of it on Something Awful and thankfully it’s all archived for those who want to check it out. There’s even translations for all the non-English dialogue.

It’s easily one of my top 10 games I’ve never played.

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This was one of the first games I got on my iPad, but I never got around to playing it? Why am I like this?

This is such a fantastic adventure game title. Less about arbitrary puzzles and more about exploring the space and discovering how everything interacts with each other.

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I own this game on Steam and dabbled with it a little, although I’m probably more likely to give the Let’s Play that @flatluigi just recommended a read-through instead. TLE seems like a fascinating and engaging game, but, as someone interested in the period and setting, I found myself struggling with not knowing how to approach situations.

(This Guide to Games is fantastic, by the way!)