The Last Night is having funding and legal issues



Basically, the studio has hit big financial troubles, they aren’t giving details but they’re trying to raise funds to finish development. They weren’t even able to finish a trailer for The Game Awards.

And if you don’t know why this is a good thing, it’s because the director was a gater with horrifying opinions about women and human reproduction who somehow managed to get into a major place of power in a game studio to make a cyberpunk game about why socialism is bad and destroys art (I’m dead serious) after taking part in a massive harassment campaign, and then right after a trailer went out at E3, the internet realized that GG connection and interest in this project died MASSIVELY.

Sucks for the team, but a terrible human being doesn’t get the fame that would allow him to harm more people and there’s a fun bit or irony in an Objectivist pleading for money from other people.

Please just go play Void & Meddler and the Shadowrun games from Harebrained Schemes, heard great things about Localhost. Dex is messy but does have actual themes of rebelling against oppressive systems. All of them are better than whatever this game would or might end up being because the founding theme isn’t the exact opposite idea of what cyberpunk is.


I posted about this game is a thread from like 2 years ago now and really don’t want to say my piece again because that shit was exhausting BUT:

The fact Tim Soret was able to fail his way upwards by making a shitty barely-Cyberpunk game (to use Austin’s words, it’s all Flying Cars no Burning Oil Fields) in a fucking Cyberpunk game jam and then ended up on Microsoft’s stage under their “indie” banner makes me so sad. There are so many people doing fucking great and different work with cyberpunk genre and themes that are actually trying new things that could’ve benefited so much more from Mircosoft’s time and money and instead they gave it to that guy.


something something i suppose the free market just didn’t deem his art worthy enough, how sad.


I remember seeing the trailer and putting it on my “I’m watching this, this could be cool” based on the visuals alone, and the way the gameplay looked, and then as I learned about it and the guy creating it my opinion of it soured immediately.

Considering I’d not heard anything about it for awhile I’m not surprised, honestly.


I think it’s kinda sad when any game falls apart during development, but the irony of Soret “e-begging” is sweet and creamy and delicious


Aw, is the trash person having money problems?


i don’t understand this. is there something more to his success beyond the widely positive reception to his game jam game of the same name?


It’s more that I think the gamejam game is pretty bad and I’m sore about it, to be honest. I can put my whole ass out there. It got press because it happened to look pretty not because it actually had anything to do with cyberpunk outside of some neon signs.

EDIT: Theres also just more interesting games that came out of that gamejam that are worth looking at, including VA-11 HaLL-A (which has capital P Problems, but that demo was way more intriguing and thematically interesting than The Last Night) and Ronin. Here’s the page:


I’ve heard some troubling things about the development of Localhost including some of the team being abused and not paid for their work. Just fyi.

Also, I’ve had Void and Meddler in my Steam library for a while now - it looks like the last episode might be postponed or cancelled indefinitely?

Another great cyberpunky game worth checking out is Technobablyon from Wadjet Eye Games.


I will second that, but I should stress it’s a very science and ethics focused game and less a social and political one.


About Void & Meddler: they hadn’t said anything since July (and then it was basically just ‘we’re still working on it’) but in December they put out a short update saying that they’re still working on it but have faced a lot of delays. I really hope they finish it because the first two parts are really good!


Very true.

Oh good to know!


I’ll toss in Gemini Rue too, which was also published by Wadjet Eye. I do have some issues with it (THE YAKUZA OWN SPACE???) but in terms of sheer style and atmosphere, plus the core subject matter, I think it works overall. One of the few sprite games I’d describe as cinematic.


If this is gonna be "let’s suggest good cyberpunk-style games that most certainly are not The Last Night " I would also suggest Hacknet, Uplink, both Frozen Synapses, Quadrilateral Cowboy and Transistor.


Shit, I still need to play Quadrilateral Cowboy


Between this and Stardock losing their legal battle over the Star Control games, my schadenfreude tanks are full-up on GG-supporter owns.

The biggest shame is that, in both cases, innocent & hard-working folk are also getting shafted.


I do want to comment on:

I don’t know if this entirely accurate, especially considering how many people are still in favor of the kind of things Soret was saying. Last I checked, a lot of people were still interested. I’m willing to bet a lot of cretins actually gained interest because of those connections.

…Does anyone know if Soret still supports shit like that? I am really not a fan of continuing to harp on the past of people if they are willing to change. Of course, that being said, The Last Night seemed pretty capital-L Liberal, which in and of itself doesn’t get me particularly excited about it. But like… I’m not asking this rhetorically; I don’t follow Soret or anything so I really don’t know.


Wait, what? Last I heard their games were pulled by DMCA request, not because the lawsuits are over.


Stardock lost their case, the original Star Control creators still hold the copyright, which is what gave them grounds to issue DMCA takedowns against Stardock’s published Star Control games on Steam and GOG.


I’m rather curious what possible “Legal issues” they stumbled into given how they’ve kept their heads down after ‘The Milkshaking’ Like, they weren’t advertising anything, hadn’t done too many interviews, no new trailers, not much publicly shown work so…what went on? Copyright issues? Music rights? Some massive internal conflict? I’d like to know. :o