The ‘Leak’ of Warzone’s New Anti-Cheat System Was Actually Part of the Plan

On Wednesday, Activision bombastically announced its new anti-cheat system—called RICOCHET—and promised to eradicate most cheaters from its massively popular online games such as Call of Duty: Warzone. The system will run in the kernel, the core of the operating system, which controls and has access to most of the computer's functions and has the highest privileges. 

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People yesterday were treating this news as if Warzone was completely screwed and that their anti cheat meant nothing now.

To make it clear what was “leaked” was the compiled kernel driver, not the source code for it. In other words it’s the thing they would get their hands on day 1 regardless. All this does is give them a bit more time to poke around it and see if they can break it which is what their security team probably wants. They probably want attackers to break it or find a weakness before launch so they get ready to patch asap. It’s not like the security team isn’t on the same exact message boards as these people lol.