The LEGO Mania thread [Image-Heavy]

As I promised in another thread, here’s me documenting my grotesquely self-indulgent journey with the UCS Millennium Falcon. Feel free to hijack this thread to talk about LEGO stuff as you see fit.

You can tell it’s serious when inside the box (not pictured because PSI) is…another box:

The box itself:

The instruction manual:


In The Before Times I was on track to take a few binbags full of assorted lego off one of my mum’s friends who didn’t have the room for the stuff, I was gonna try build that beast of a thing using the downloaded instructions and anything in the bags, like the Mike Marrocco one:

Naturally that’s not gonna happen any time soon, so I guess I’m just gonna have to make do with posing and re-posing my many many Bionicle.


What you see here is 1.5-2 ft. square or so (about half a meter). LEGO sets come in numbered sets of bags (e.g. if you’re building a pirate ship, one numbered set of bags might be a chunk of rigging, another might be the captain’s quarters, etc.). What you see in front of you is literally only Bag Set 1 (of at least 15). And at least seven episodes of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex of time.


I’m not going to lie: this looks incredibly up my ally in the sense of having a lot of small fiddly bits, but also not having to deal with glue or paint, which are my weak points when it comes to small fiddly bits. Very looking forward to this thread. Keep up the good work!


Man, I love Lego… Built the Mustang (pictured) recently, which was really fun. My next big one’s probably going to be the 89 Batmobile (I hope).


Small fiddly bits without glue or paint is the entire LEGO sales pitch. There are some stickers you have to apply occasionally (there’s a fairly small sticker sheet for this set relative to its size), but the real joy of LEGO is that the only tool you’ll ever really need is a brick separator, and most sets include one automatically.


More Falcon updates! Bag Set 2 was just the landing gear, which isn’t terribly interesting, so the following shots are from Bag Set 3 (and four hours worth of building):

As it turns out, when a set has 7500 pieces in it, it’s because they include insane detail work like this (feat. Brian Kibler):

This is the full crew lounge, featuring the dejarik board and the chair where Han Solo sits when he’s making fun of the Force:

Speaking of detail work, here’s the Falcon’s antipersonnel cannon, both stored inside the Falcon and outside of it (the panel under the cannon slides open):


Update: we have thrusters now.


Work got wildly out of hand which kinda put a damper on fun LEGO times, but here are a few updates:
Spent a whole bag filling in the underside of the Falcon, which (as you can see above) was a little bare. Smaller versions of the Falcon don’t usually bother with this part.

And the front section has finally arrived…partially. The next round of pictures will include the finished front section.


More LEGO updates!

Here’s the finished front (apologies for the poor photography, both here and more generally)

These two bags had a lot of underside work, which doesn’t play well in photographs terribly well, but these two bits were cool. First up is the boarding ramp:

And open:

And if you squint, you can make out the quad cannons on the Falcon’s underside. It was a real bear to get on because you have to lift the whole build up and sneak the cannon part underneath it.

All told, about eight episodes of Samurai Champloo of time.


I really, really want the Fiat 500 kit they put out but money’s tight in the world of COVID-19 so I just picked up this little Group B Audi Quattro

it was a really fun, quick build and now I have a Lego Quattro which rules. It also looks pretty good in this corner of my place where I shove a lot of little car stuff


So, pro tip: if you’re going to tackle this set, don’t do it in an apartment where your building space is also your work desk is also your dinner table is also etc. etc. Have a dedicated build space so you don’t accidentally bump into it and knock bits off and have to lie under your TV tray to try and reattach the things you knock off.

Anyway, the back has arrived:

And the thing that makes it so nerve-wracking to move is that the top bits aren’t large solid chunks like the smaller versions (I have a smaller Falcon handy if you want a reference picture). They come in chunks that all fit together really tightly without actually being connected, but you can just feel it all shuffling a bit.


I have also gotten some big ol’ Lego to build. Shoutouts to the obvious gundam fans working at Lego for hijacking Ninjago for their own means.


Someone needs to eat my credit card before I get any ideas.