The List of 2,000 Journalists the Video Game Lobby Doxed Is the Last Thing It Had to Offer

The flagging fortunes of E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) have been an annual conversation topic in games media for the past few years, with causes being variously identified as a changing media landscape, shifting priorities among platform holders, and the rise of massive video game fan conventions. Until this weekend, it had never occurred to me that the real culprit connecting all these issues could be the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the increasingly antiquated trade organization that runs E3.

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I am indescribably worried about the fallout of this massive dox. Thank you, Rob, for this analysis from the perspective of the ESA’s history and their goals.


The more I think about this, the more I wonder… who the hell would want to attend an ESA led E3 2020 after this? E3 was already on the decline, and I don’t really know what the ESA could do to regain trust after this absolutely clownshoes breach.

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So, what was the deal with the woman who broke the story? She tried to warn the ESA numerous times, waited until the fixed they hole in their security, and then posted her video?

But she’s also a gamergater?

I don’t fully understand myself, but I also know at least one games journo I follow on Twitter had to set her account to private recently because the woman who broke the story (who, as you say, is a gamergater?) was screenshotting her (the journo I follow)'s account and sending people after her?


My understanding is she broke the story as soon as she got a tip instead of warning any impacted journalists privately. This is important because the leak wasn’t widely known yet.

She basically put a massive target on every single leak victim by informing trash monsters that hey, it’s never been easier to dox all those people with video game opinions you irrationally hate! She could potentially have blood on her hands because she partook in extremely unethical journalism to get the “scoop” first.


Sofia Narwitz is a GGer, she’s done a ama on r/kotakuinaction within the last month (the biggest GG subreddit), interacts with Kiwifarms, currently works for Colin Moriarty. (I also follow Dia Lacina on twitter and she constantly tries to harass her, which is like half the reason I know this shit)

Knowing that info it’s hard to deny that the Chans and reddit getting the doxx information weren’t just irresponsible side effects and more of a completely intended one.


August 2014 never fucking ends.


Want to? probably no one. Have to because of the fickle traffic driven nature of online business? Probably still a fair number of people on this list.


How dare you say that! She clearly posted screenshots that prove that she let them know by… emailing the ESA and leaving not one, but two voicemails on one of their lines at like 3:00 am CMT, then posting the video the second she noticed the link was missing from the page without waiting for a response.

She waited upwards of 3 (Three!) hours to break this story. While literally every ESA employee could be assumed to be asleep.

(you’d hope that with all their mealeymouthed braying over ethics in journalism gaters would at least try, and yet :frowning: )


I think we’re getting distracted here. The ESA is an odious organization that needs to be destroyed. It has no redeeming value and we should not suffer it for a second longer.

I have a friend who managed to attend E3 as a member of the press for the first time this year after years of trying to break into the games press, and he’s had to change phone numbers/e-mail addresses over the past week just out of fear of harassment. It’s so disappointing to see the way that his excitement at attending for the first time has turned into anxiety and fear.

Reading this article makes this situation feel like a final, very significant straw to break the camel’s back. Along with the general diminishing relevance of the conference over the past decade, the ESA’s just proven itself to be an ineffective advocate for the industry and this negligence is inexcusable


But what if E3 promoted Gender Equality / STEM and other “E3 relevant social good efforts”



Nothing says “The Power of Social Good” like paying for positive pr to use as leverage against future mistakes and protecting the brand.

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Pair this with the news that 2K withheld BL3 review codes from outlets that weren’t overwhelmingly positive about the game, and the future of games coverage looks… grim

And, it will never stop being amazing to me that “#influencers” can literally do the things that journos are constantly accused of doing and recieve praise for it