The Long Road to Finishing 'Psychonauts 2' Was Paved With Empathy

Psychonauts 2 is almost done. Double Fine's 2005 original action platformer introduced us to a weird world of psychic secret agents, and its cliffhanger ending always suggested a sequel was being planned. But plans have a way of going awry, in the same way the Psychonauts was originally an Xbox exclusive before Microsoft decided to move on from the project. Decades later, Microsoft would then buy Double Fine and publish Psychonauts 2

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This is a game I really hope gets the NoClip treatment.

I also hope the things in the Game Informer preview about the platforming and combat not being precise enough get addressed. Although I might just turn on the invincibility option if it comes down to it. I’m really here for the writing and world-building.


I tried playing the first game a month or so ago for the first time - platformers have never been a preferred genre for me, so I just never tried it before. Unfortunately, it was difficult for me to get around some of the stuff that hasn’t aged super well. The controls just didn’t feel responsive enough for me. That being said, I think I’ll give this one a go on Game Pass. It looks beautiful, and it’s great to see developers putting more and more effort towards accessibility in their games.


Not all of the writing in the first game holds up (and the platforming certainly doesn’t) but if you can find a commentary-free playthrough of the levels Lungfishopolis and The Milkman Conspiracy, you owe it to yourself to treat yourself.