The 'Madden NFL 18' Story Mode Is Better Than It Has Any Right To Be


Devin Wade's football journey is worth experiencing, regardless of what you think of football.

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I’m still super-early in this, but I can’t agree any more with this one line from Patrick:

“The story’s central conceit, where Wade is pulled into a goofy and unrealistic reality show, falls flat, especially when it tries to paint a random TV executive as a cartoonish villain.”

The first interaction I had with the pair of tv execs made me cringe and say “Nope.” Not just me, I had Wade flat out reject their proposal and show zero interest in being part of their reality show. Still, I’m going to get roped into that as part of the story. I get why, but I hate poor implementation of the illusion of choice. Not the illusion itself, but don’t give me multiple opportunities to tell a character to fuck off only to spend the next couple hours doing exactly what they wanted anyway.


Like Patrick, I grew up adjacent to the NFL- My father has been a cinematographer for NFL Films since long before I was born in '85. (He’s the guy who invented that shot where you zoom in on the ball mid pass and pull back out for the catch) I’ve always felt a nostalgic connection to football, but never actually enjoyed watching the game outside playing “spot dad” on the sideline. This game calls out to me as a way to connect to him as he is about to retire (3 superbowls to go!)…I’ve not played a madden game since GameGear but I’m considering picking this up. I doubt the price will ever go down on this game, but is it worth it purchase the full game for this storyline even though i probably won’t play too much of the rest of the game? I’m also from a family that is obsessed with soccer, a sport I actually played - but no longer do, and i’ve heard good things about the new FIFA games for their storyline. These games seem so content heavy that I think they would be worth the investment no matter what…what does everyone else think?


Hey @jordangit , give your dad some props for me because I honestly think the crew at NFL Films puts out some of the most beautiful cinematography you’ll ever see on TV. Got lots of fond memories of watching old NFL Films documentaries on ESPN Classic back when I was a kid. It’s a shame that most of the shows they do now are like top 10 lists with really corny bloggers and personalities talking over everything, but the actual game footage they film is still top notch stuff. I’d say it looks better than even a lot of TV shows and actual movies that have time to perfectly light and choreograph everything. I really love and admire the work your dad and his colleagues do.

On FIFA, I’ve only played a bit of the newest one at a friend’s house (so take this with a grain of salt), but from what I saw it looked pretty good. Like what Patrick says about Madden, the storymode was a lot better than it had any right to be. Seemed like a pretty solid video game storyline, which is a huge step up from what most sports games usually offer. Especially compared to the recent NBA 2k games which IMO went from “so bad it’s kind of compelling in a ‘The Room’ sort of way” with the Spike Lee storymode in 2k17, to the just plain boring and bad one in 2k18.