The Many Crimes of L.A. Rob

E3 is upon us, and I felt it necessary to highlight the some of the many, many indiscretions of Rob Zacny’s dangerous twin/cousin/alter ego L.A. Rob. A nasty man who always turns up whenever the crew rolls into La La Land. I’m doing this so all you attendees and folks at home can know what to look for, keep safe, and enjoy your advertisements in peace.

Pictured: L.A. Rob plotting his next move

Let’s get started:

  • Stealing dump trucks
  • Creating the “Art Decider” account on twitter
  • Punching swans
  • Cancelling Alpha Centauri 2 AND Vanquish 2
  • Unlicensed distribution of monster energy and vodka cocktails
  • Horse rustling
  • Bankrupting eight separate Silicon Valley startups
  • Directing Bomberman Act Zero
  • Weed

Please, if I’ve missed anything, add it below


I’m not going to talk about L.A. Rob. In fact, we’re not going to talk about L.A. Rob at all.


The last people who attempted to list L.A. Rob’s crimes disappeared and were never heard from again.

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