The many names of Waypoint

Today’s discussion on the Waypoint Discord went a little something like this: (screen names taken out to protect privacy):

What if waypoint was like, super violent?
Then it’d be called

I think you mean Slaypoint

What if Waypoint was like super into British crime?
Then it’d be Kraypoint

On 420, it should be Weedjoint

What if it was hosted in California? It’d be Baypoint

If it was about relationships, it would be Baepoint

Go to the beach and catch some Raypoints
Or if you don’t have a beach bod, you could get some Wheypoint

If it’s about horses, it’s Neighpoint

if you’re lacking mythological knowledge go for Faepoint

The new website about games for butlers, Traypoint

Night in the Woods fansite Maepoint

But since we need more space lesbians in out games, it should be Gaypoint

The positivity blog, Yaypoint

A website about street art, Spraypoint

The pet healthcare blog, Spaypoint

A website about being in a rap entourage, AAAAAYpoint

the website dedicated to the worst day of the week, Mondaypoint

In a few hours, it’ll be Daypoint.

The religion fansite, Anoint

More videogames should have a morally Graypoint

If it was about magical forest creatures it would be Feypoint

The Prey fansite, Preypoint

My medieval torture blog, Flaypoint

though it’s kinda that at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

eel discussion site Moraypoint

discordant sounds, braypoint

the mediocre site, Kpoint

Or, getting lost, at Straypoint

A blog about the Texas state bird, Blue Jaypoint

Is Straypoint the evil AU of Waypoint?

The Kitchen Blog, SauteePoint

No, that would be Waypwnt

The blog for people who vote no, Naypoint
The blog you see right through, X-raypoint

The gamers who love capitalism, Frito Laypoint
Let’s take a trip to Bombaypoint
The airport will be our checkpoint
Okay, gonna archive this now

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What about for the culinary streak in all of us? BobbyFlaypoint

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All your favorite sandwiches at PB&J-Point

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In Australia we like to surf at the wavepoint.

The month appreciation website Maypoint

Carry On My Waypoint Son

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The site covering video games for mums, Kaypoint