The 'Mario + Rabbids' Donkey Kong DLC Is More of an Already Great Thing


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I’ve been enjoying it and it is a great refresher after such a long break from the original release. It does feel way to easy so far but hopefully more challenging stuff opens up after the story is finished. The best part is how it expands the mechanical tool set, even at the cost of not letting players mix & match characters between stories.

Fingers crossed for a sequel.


After seeing Danielle play on stream last week I was reminded of how much I liked the game, and went back. I blasted through the DLC and decided to go back to the main campaign to clean up stuff that I had missed. I miss DK’s abilities so much now. The ability to pick up stuff is so fun, and throwing team mates with AOE jumps is also super great. I was pretty done with the game when I put it down last year, but now I can’t wait for a sequel.