The meaning of life in a world without work

Anybody catch this article in The Gaurdian? Like many mainstream articles about video games and the surrounding culture it makes a lot of dated assumptions. In general it could use a more vigorous scrubbing with research (also not sure about comparing games with religion…) but overall an interesting article and and and I’m all for universal basic income! Just curious what others might’ve thought.

Under fully automated luxury communism, we will gain an understanding of the intrinsic value of art. A true appreciation that is currently denied to us. This is something capitalism cannot provide, even with small socialist patches (like UBI). Today we are all trapped in a fantasy, a gruelling one of drudgery and pain caused by capitalism, a false productivity and notion of value defined by the great capitalist machine we all worship. As we look to find freedom and meaning, it will be found in fully automated luxury communism.

The very special value accorded to art by the bourgeoisie clearly shows up the futility of its aesthetic concepts, built up under the pressure of class interests totally alien to cultural concerns. The stratagem consists essentially in falsifying the natural relations between [a person and their] world, so that it is no longer possible to use an object for itself, but always for motives which are totally unrelated to it. People do not want a diamond for its intrinsic properties — its authentic qualities alone — but because, as it costs a great deal, it gives the [person] who possesses it a kind of superiority over his fellow [people], and is a concrete expression of social inequality. --René Magritte


fully automated luxury gay space communism now!!


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Thank you for bringing the Magritte!
Unfortunate assumptions aside, I am all for articles that continue to bring the idea of universal basic income to people’s attention.