The Mini Console Trend Continues: Playstation Classic(s)


Hey Nintendo, Sony can do it too! Yesterday Sony announced the PlayStation Classic, a cute mini PSX console preloaded with 20 classic titles releasing just in time for the holiday season. More details available here.

So far they’ve only announced Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms as featured games.

I love the design of the original playstation and the temptation of owning a small version is strong. But I’m starting tire of re-purchasing games I played more than a decade ago. My decision to get one will likely depend on game lineup.

  • Are you looking forward to the Playstation Classic?
  • Which games would you like to see featured on the mini?
  • Which playstation titles are classics to you?

…Why won’t they release a mini analog controller so I can play Ape Escape? Discuss below!


I’d like to see some of the PS1 Armored Core games featured on the mini.

Also, Chrono Cross (if only to see if the Playstation Classic can handle that game’s shifting resolutions).


The decision not to use the DualShock for the controller is baffling to me.

As someone who owns a NES and SNES classic, I’m less interested in this only because most of the PSX classic games I would want to play I already have other means of doing so easily and with essentially identical controllers. A huge part of the appeal of the Nintendo ones was both the ease of playing these on a TV again, but also just the tactile feeling of having a fresh, legitimate NES or SNES controller in my hands again. That muscle memory nostalgia just isn’t there for a controller that’s remained largely unchanged for 20 years.


I mean, if the difference between analog and digital controllers pushes it over the $100 limit, I totally get going with the cheaper option. Let’s face it, the Nintendo classic systems were positioned as “stocking stuffers” for upper middle class folks with nostalgia to scratch and money to burn for Christmas. Going more than $100 makes it an actual gift to this demographic and reduces impulse sales.

That all being said, the digital controllers kinda take the nostalgia out of it for me. I got a PS1 late in its lifecycle when the DualShock was well entrenched as the default controller. For me, the games I was drawn to were Metal Gear Solid, Ape Escape, and Medal of Honor. All games that needed analogue controls, and have zero chance of appearing on this unit. Oh well, at least there are plenty of PS3’s available that still play my old discs.


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No Dual Shock does cut a lot of the late library and there’s already some questionable choices on there like the first Wild Arms over the much improved sequel. It will do well as a novelty but I can feel it going into the same trap as the NES and SNES mini where not many of the games held up over time or stuffed with super popular games played to death rather than undiscovered gems. The idea of the mini console is great but the execution has been kinda lacking. More an exercise in branding than an way to preserve games and bring them to newer generations.


Agreed! I would definitely prefer to see undiscovered gems and b-sides instead of mega popular titles that have already been re-released or remastered (especially games with a limited release outside of their original market like Suikoden II).


Speaking of. That game is available everywhere today. I can download it (legally) to my PS3, PSP, and Vita at any time and enjoy it. For an ok price (a good price when it goes on sale).

Which gets to my main objection: they already did work (that re-release was from 2014) to sell a lot of classic games on a modern store. Put in the extra $10 of hardware and give this thing wifi. Connect it to PSN. Let people buy additional games and make some healthy profits on that.

I know this comes with bundled (3rd party) titles that eats the revenue so it’s not apples to apples but I’ve seen Sony sell the PlayStation TV for $99 and then cheaper and cheaper as they dumped stock. No controller in that package but wireless so it works with whatever modern PS controller you can find. One of those but aimed at retro games and in a funky case shape. This is like the Switch: Sony literally beat Nintendo to market (Switch is Vita 2) but failed to capture public attention / marketed it to the wrong audience / got a press that wasn’t raised on Nintendo Power propaganda to give it so much free advertising.


Not gonna pass full judgement until all games have been announced, but I will probably not be interested. I’m almost interested in the mini SNES but that’s because I never had one. I know everyone says it, but I’d prefer a Playstation 1 library available for the PS4 (and going forward) so we can just buy the games we want instead. There are plenty of old games I never got a chance to play, but I’d prefer to have them in one place.

Also wake me up when they make the mini Dreamcast.


If this thing had dualshocks it would be an immediate purchase for me. I already have a hacked SNES classic I use for NES/SNES/GBA/Genesis games, so a console that could do N64/PS1/Dreamcast games would be a dream. There’s no way I’m gonna get a PS1 that can’t play FF8, Legend of Legaia, Suikoden !! or Harvest Moon:Back to Nature and I don’t have high hopes for all of those making the 20 final games.


Agreed with this – I was initially excited about the announcement, but since I already have a PS3 and PS4 cluttering up my cramped Brooklyn living room, I can’t really justify adding a PS1 even if it’s mini. I wish I could just own them all digitally on a single console, womp womp.



Anyway just about the only reason to actually buy one of these is Tekken 3, which has been unavailable for a long time due to the Gon license. Whether they just patched Gon out or what will eventually be apparent (probably the latter)

Also a few games you’d actually want on this thing like Gran Turismo and This is Football (hey, its a classic) seem like they’ll be missing due to licensing anyway.

also also $100 somehow got converted to £90 which is a full £15 more expensive. come the fuck onnnnnn companiiiiesssss


Putting the PSTV in a nostalgia based casing, PS1 theme and much better internal storage along with the 20 games probably would have been a better idea in terms of getting people access, I agree. But it probably wouldn’t solve the curation issue which I feel the mini consoles are missing out on and Sony would still likely be incentivised to put popular titles and some of their 1st party (Which wasn’t that hot that gen, critically) on there.

In terms of curation. I thought the SNES Mini was a huge missed opportunity because it had a miserly 22 games from that console’s massive library and Nintendo could have added some rarities and curios to that. Games that had translations that never released like Terranigma or cult classics like Actraiser and Harvest Moon. The Playstation Classic likely has less space to maneuver because of file sizes but it’s something I’d rather see over something that aged poorly but is popular like Crash. Even though Sony’s 1st party wasn’t the critical darling it is now. They have some really interesting and curious experiments like Kula World, Vib Ribbon and Team Buddies or cult classics like G-Police/Colony Wars, Alundra and Omega Boost. There’s a wealth to choose from but I think we’re probably just going to see a lot of best sellers on there and not much else like with the Nintendo machines.

It wouldn’t hit every taste and licencing issues will be apparent in some games (Goodbye my Hot Wheels Turbo Racing hopes and dreams). But I think more of a curated approach is probably better. I’d rather see Sony totally wild out and put something like Bust-A-Groove in there than whatever sold the best on their greatest hits catalog.


I think everyone agrees that the libraries on the Classic series could be better, but let’s be real here. These things are nostalgia tweaks for people who don’t follow this stuff, and the rabid fan base is just an added bonus. Yeah, it’s a missed opportunity to expose more people to Faxanadu or Kiwi Kraze, but that’s not what these things are about. It’s the music version of complaining that a best of compilation didn’t include some obscure B-sides.


I don’t want to be an asshole here, but I’m concerned about this and what kind of line-up it is going to have. If the second game Sony announces is Jumping Flash, that’s an issue. I have nothing against Jumping Flash, if you loved and still love Jumping Flash, power to you. But this is like announcing an N64 Mini and having your second game be Glover. You don’t want Glover, you want Ocarina of Time or Goldeneye or Smash.

Like if this comes out and suddenly we have Suikoden 2, Metal Gear Solid, Tactics Ogre, Mega Man Legends, Symphony of the Night, Resident Evil, etc. etc. this could be great. But it could also be a lot of things like Jumping Flash.


The game that would make this an insta-buy but will never happen due to licensing would be Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. Mega Man Legends would be cool to see. Maybe a Darkstalkers and/or a Street Fighter Alpha. Xenogears? Vagrant Story? Crash Team Racing? Einhander? Ehrgeiz? Alundra? Tomba!? Those would all be neat to have easy access to. Some of the games I dumped the most time into back then are lightgun games (Point Blank, Time Crisis), and we know those won’t be on this thing. I really liked the Oddworld games, but those have gotten numerous ports and also the remake that came out not long ago.

I’m not really disappointed with the lack of a dualshock controller. We eventually got one, but outside of Ape Escape, I don’t remember many games where it was a huge deal. I honestly think MGS plays better using the d-pad.


Sega Saturn Classic when?


Since it’s a Sega console, shouldn’t there already be a cheaply built official one gathering dust in the back of your local Urban Outfitters?


… I don’t get it.


There are a lot of knock off looking but officially licensed Sega all-in-ones floating around. In fact, when the NES Classic was first announced, it seemed like Nintendo was going down the same cheap nostalgia grab that Sega has been doing for years.