The Mini Console Trend Continues: Playstation Classic(s)


About the only game from that system I have nostalgia for when I think of it is Front Mission 3…and I’d rather some kind of HD remaster anyways, I mean how do games of that era even look on non CRT tvs?

FM3 was a good tactics game though.


i don’t own the NES/SNES classic and i’m not sure if i’ll buy the PS classic either. i think i’ve only got room for one of these retro tchotchkes in my home … will there be an N64 mini? saturn mini? don’t think i can jump on the PS mini yet, even though i’ve got heavy nostalgia for that console.


I will be stunned if there isn’t an N64 classic at some point, although past the SNES era I think the depth of material they can pull from in a meaningful way begins to plummet. So many classic N64 titles would be caught up in licensing hell. Also the N64 gets really weird in terms of controllers as well. Do you have room for 4 controller inputs? Does the controller come with a rumble pack? How do you deal with memory cards and the RAM expansion?


Think you meant Dreamcast with WiFi and a relaunching of SEGA net so I can play Alien Front Online actually online. :wink:


Why not both?

Seriously though, I just wanna play Virtual Hydlide again.


Did MGS require a dual shock? I know that it had certain features (and cutscenes*) that made use of the controller’s capabilities, but I thought it was a situation where you just didn’t see that stuff if you were using an original controller.

*Specifically, Psycho Mantis ‘moving’ your controller with his mind/the rumble motors


The Memory Cards and RAM expansion is probably the (relatively) easier part - build the extra memory into the system and code your emulator to tell the ROMs that the expansion pack is inserted. Same with memory cards - use virtual memory cards like with playing PS1 (and PS2) games on the PS3.

Rumble is going to be tricky, because that increases the cost of the controller - probably for the same reasons why the PS Classic isn’t coming with the Dualshock.


I don’t believe MGS required the DualShock, but my personal preference was to play 3D games with a control stick, and asking me to play PS1 games with a dpad makes the Classic a no-go. But that’s just personal preference.

Speaking of personal preference, release a GameCube Mini with Twin Snakes cowards!


a mini GameCube would be the most adorable thing… just a tiny cube ~for games~


Yeah the controllers are still the biggest question mark to me. If there are no external memory cards or rumble packs, do you still have the port sticking out of the back? Is it more or less money in the long run to have useless pieces hanging out in the back or to re-engineer the thing?


Concerned about the PS Classic for the same reason I would be concerned for the N64 Classic. The NES and SNES are major nostalgia kicks. People say that some of the games didn’t hold up but Mario is still Mario, Zelda is still Zelda. There have been additions and tweaks to the formula but at the end of the day you playing a version of that games which is worthwhile. In an era where loads of great indie games use pixel art, these older standard bearers don’t look out of place.

With the PlayStation…don’t know I can say quite the same? Old polygon stuff doesn’t hold up SUPER well from a visual perspective. Not the be all, end all but feel like nostalgia glasses will fall off quicker before even playing the games. Then you play them and remember all the control oddities that hadn’t been figured out yet. Without analog sticks you can’t update these I would guess.

The games themselves are the last component I’m unsure of but at this point I am taking a wait and see approach. Frankly, not a clue what’s possible.


Personally, I actually have a fondness for that early weird-looking 3D. There’s something mysterious and inviting about it?

It’s true it’s not as common an aesthetic in indie games as pixel art, so maybe audiences are less familiar with it. But, there are at least a couple of recent indie games that are making good use of the PS1 look:


I think the most generous interpretation you can give to them putting Jumping Flash on there is its historical significance, which I can kinda get behind. I think one of the lamest parts about the NES/SNES Classic (with the major exception of Star Fox 2) is that by making it almost entirely the most recognizable first-party games and/or games with huge amounts of cultural traction, it doesn’t have great appeal outside of “Hey, you remember xyz? You can play it again!” And, even if that was their only goal, they could’ve done better, in my opinion [Chrono Trigger theme plays off in the distance].

The PS1 is in a unique position – its library is filled with idiosyncratic games that are still pretty viable for a spotlight, which means it can forgo the limitations Nintendo has by holding so much capital in their most recognizable IPs. The NES Classic without all 3 Mario games would’ve been a failure from day 1, but the PS1 can get away with some of that. And I hope it does. Mostly because I don’t wanna play Crash Bandicoot anymore, but also all that other stuff, too.


I hope this is a massive failure because after seeing Nintendo’s new god awful handling of their retro games, I’ve come to realize these mini consoles have become a new way to assert control over the consumer base, and it will probably come at the cost of ROMs, which are basically necessary for game preservation (I fully expect Sony to do ROM crackdowns in the near future, just like Nintendo).

Also it doesn’t come with an AC power cord. That’s not a joke.


What I find very interesting is that if the $100 limit (or any limit, really) was so important during development of this thing, then why did they include a 2nd controller, but not the AC adapter required to, like, use it? If I was someone on the receiving end of this gift without knowledge of that, I’d be WAAAAY more bummed that I can’t play any games at all instead of not being able to play the multiplayer ones.

Also, re: the digital pad and not dualshock, I’d be interested in seeing if DS4 support is a thing. It’d be a very ridiculous situation if those worked including dual analog support, but seeing as how I played NieR on the PS3 with a DS4, it’s not that hard to imagine.


I think Sony looked at the DS, which retails with no power cord, and figured that it wasn’t a deal breaker for most. Lots of modern TVs have USB ports that could power the unit, and its not that much more to buy a power strip with USB ports than without then, so most people will be able to work with the system’s limitations. The two controllers, on the other hand, makes the system seem more social and family friendly, which looks great on marketing copy even if most people will inevitably ignore their loved ones to grind alone in FF7.


…but the DS is a handheld device.

It was never expected for it to have a power cord because it has its own power supply and doesn’t require another device to function, only a wall socket to recharge its battery.


Handheld device or not, you still need a cable to charge the DS to use it. Nintendo hasn’t provided one for several models now. If you don’t have a solution for that, the system might as well be a brick. Sony’s giving you a cord here, just not the most common type. It sucks, don’t get me wrong, but I think it’s clear that the market as a whole doesn’t care about these inconveniences.


I’m cautiously optimistic, especially about the controller they decided to go with… there’s no need to limit the PSmini to only playing games with the original controller. I’m very fond of the form factor of these little, itty-bitty consoles and I’m even willing to put up with the bullshit caveat of non-expandability but I think 20 games is a bit skint, innit? There’s no chance in hell Xenogears will be on it but here’s hoping! I’d be down to see if they put any hallmark survival horror games on it, especially RE2 given that the remake is right around the corner. I think if they skip over including one of the Crash games and one of the Spyro games they’ll have made a huge mistake given how quintessential those games are to the PSX’s library.


As a PlayStation kid, I’m very tempted to get this. Thinking about all the classics they could put on the mini PlayStation, Tomb Raider, Legacy of Kain, MGS but then I remembered.

I should really give emulators a go.