The Mini Console Trend Continues: Playstation Classic(s)


I always thought the PS1 and the NES were the most inspiring consoles. The NES was the first mass market console to really have good enough sprite graphics with fast enough action to visualize some really great set pieces. Similarly, the PS1 was the first mass market console to really have good enough 3D graphics with fast enough action to visualize some really great games, too.

They say that they’ll pick the revolutionary PS1 games, but I’m waiting for the full list before I’m down. Tbh, I wish they just re-released the PSTV in a PS1 shell and fully let me buy and download the entire PS1/Vita (PS2!!) library.


The full list of games was released and includes

Battle Arena Toshinden
Cool Boarders 2
Destruction Derby
Final Fantasy VII
Grand Theft Auto
Intelligent Qube
Jumping Flash
Metal Gear Solid
Mr Driller
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
Resident Evil Director’s Cut
Revelations: Persona
Ridge Racer Type 4
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
Syphon Filter
Tekken 3
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
Twisted Metal
Wild Arms

Nice to see Cool Boarders on the list but my nostalgia isn’t strong enough for most of these titles (or I already have them). What do y’all think of the selection?


That’s actually a really solid list. I mean, there’s no FMV X-Files game, but it’s actually a pretty varied selection.

…Except for Rainbow Six. I am struggling to think of how you can possibly play that game with no analog sticks. The game was hard enough with mouse and keyboard!


Japanese PSX got Devil Dice and we got Rainbow Six. what did we do to deserve this


That list is also the European release. One of the slightly interesting notes is that this will be the first time Europeans have access to the original PSX Persona. The PSP remake was eventually released here but the original never made it over. I wonder if it’s the original US game (which would presumably lack EFIGS) and so confirmation this is going to be US versions in Europe (PSX era: US is NTSC 60Hz 483i; Europe is PAL 50Hz 576i - today all PAL region equipment can also run at 60Hz but this was not true back then where “PAL60” was an optional enhancement to run PAL at 60Hz).


I dunno, I find it kind of underwhelming and confusing to some extent.

I realize that certain games are going to be stuck in legal limbo like THPS or Gran Turismo but… you go into business with Konami for MGS and you don’t get SotN and Silent Hill? You get RE:DC but not RE2?


Persona 1??? Well, alright, if that’s what you think is best, Sony.

Honestly though, I thought this thing was gonna be an RPG machine compared to what they ended up doing (which is more multiplayer-focused WHICH I GUESS MAKES SENSE…). No Crash, Spyro, RE2, or SotN kinda lines up, if you consider that all of those are or will be re-released in some way (even if one is completely remade and not even the same genre I’m not mad about RE2 you’re mad about RE2).

Right after I heard about this thing, I made a prediction list and was super goddamn wrong. Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking putting Xenogears on here.

My prediction list (6/15 right. Wah-wah-wah.)



I mean, Sony will sell you Silent Hill for $3 right at this very moment in time, to play on a micro-console you plug into your TV.

But you needed to show some appetite for buying old PlayStation games for your TV box by buying the PlayStation TV. People… didn’t. So here is the retro trash box just like the decades of Sega MegaDrive plastic boxes with bundled whatever and no ability to legally get the games you actually want on the device.

If you care about retro games, this is not really for you. None of these have ever really been for you. There are machines with quality emulators and platforms with massive libraries of older games you can legally buy. None of these boxes are that.

Edit: It’s cool that Persona 1 PSX is becoming officially available in the EU but… I got my retranslated official EU version I can play already on the real Sony devices for people who like retro games. I look over towards my shelf of PSX games and can see a Persona box between Parasite Eve II and Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Because I do the occasional importing (which was absolutely normal back when so many games came out here very late or not at all).


It’s a solid line up for $100 IMO. Would I buy this for myself? No. Would I buy it for my uncle who has no internet but really enjoyed his PSX? Definitely.


Where is Mr. Domino. I demand Mr. Domino.


Mr Driller is on it at least, but that is not a good list, I’m just not sure why. Intelligent Qube, Jumping Flash, Rainbow Six, so many selections that can never make sense to me.


I think this is a pretty solid bet – I think that the industry is keen to ‘forget’ the 50Hz era, even though it dominated my understanding of games up through to the Wii era. ‘60Hz’ as a sign not of quality but that a game wouldn’t run properly on my TV…


I’m actually glad I don’t have to shell out cash for it anymore since pretty much none of the games I wanted are on it 🤷


When the thing was announced my excitement was subdued by the fact that I already have 29 PS1 games (remember when PS+ first launched they were giving away PS1 games every month) on my PS3. Too much overlap and it’d be pointless. So I’m fairly pleased that the overlap is a mere 4/20.

Pretty cool that we’re gonna get Resident Evil Director’s Cut (Dualshock Version) for a system without Dualshocks.

Grand Theft Auto is an interesting one to me. You can’t get it or GTA2 on Steam anymore and I assume it’s because the music licensing has lapsed. If they went out and relicensed the music then maybe it’ll become available elsewhere again, but for the mean time, this appears to be the only legal way to obtain the original GTA outside of searching for used copies.


The original playstation was my first console, it’s such an important machine that influenced so much in my formalative years. My first ever smartphone was the Sony Xperia Play - you’re damned right I got it so I could play PlayStation games on the go. Getting a good PSX emulator on it meant I could play pretty much all of the PSone’s library.

People shouldn’t forget that they can play a lot of classic PlayStation games on the PS3 or better yet THE VITA. I can play MGS and the VR missions, all the Resis, all the Tomb Raiders, all Syphon Filters, all Crash Bandicoots and all Final Fantasies from that machine.

I was really interested in the mini PS as a concept - like, how do you choose just 20 Playstation games from that back catalogue. I appreciate there are some games on here that you can’t really play anymore like GTA or Tekken 3. These aren’t even available form the PS one classics on the PSN.

I guess there are still so many games that I loved that I can’t play outside of emulation - Nightmare Creatures, Exhumed (Power Slave in the US), Dino Crisis 1 and 2, Alien Resurrection (one of THE best alien games ever made), Micro Machines V3, G-Police, Overboard!, Wipeout 2097 and Wipeout 3, V-Rally, SPEED FREAKS.

If I could mod the mini PlayStation so it could play all PlayStation games and it had a real 90s ass PlayStation demo disc vibe to it, like hallucinagentic colours and all the music from those discs on shuffle. But instead of selecting demos, I could just select the games. That would be brilliant. That’s a machine I would be buried with…

My list since absolutely nobody from Sony consulted with me:

  1. Wipeout 2097 - I always liked the second game the best probably because it was on Demo One)
  2. Tekken 3 - Best fighting game there has ever been
  3. Metal Gear Solid - Obviously
  4. Crash Bandicoot - 2 and 3 were better but 1 was the one you remember.
  5. Resident Evil 2 (GC remake is the only version of Resi you should play)
  6. Tomb Raider - the original, some would say best
  7. Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation - Cheating here but TLR was the best and most accomplished of all the old school Tomb Raiders.
  8. Alien Resurrection - One of the last games I ever played on the PSone. So ahead of its time.
  9. Micro Machines V3 - I always played as Spider, he looked like Elvis and never really spoke except when he got really excited over how well you raced.
  10. Final Fantasy VII - the best
  11. Final Fantasy VIII - the better
  12. Final Fantasy IX - the bestest
  13. Dino Crisis - Resi but with dinosaurs - but environents were rendered in 3D - taught me the word ‘evisorated’.
  14. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver - Why is this not here? Why? Why?
  15. Syphon Filter - I experienced immense N64 envy in the wake of Goldeneye - Gabe Logan came along to appease that f
  16. Ape Escape - I get no dualshock? But why? Why no dualshock?
  17. Nightmare Creatures - PlayStation power called this a sublime monster twatting game and it still stands.
  18. G-Police - you’re a cop in a cyberpunk city of flying cars.
  19. Exhumed - Egyptian themed shooter. Called Power Slave in the US - was dope.
  20. Abe’s Oddyssey

(I was going to include Die Hard Trilogy here, but then I remembered in Die Hard with a Vengence you could literally drive on the sidewalks of Harlem and mow down black people, with your windscreen wipers wiping away the blood.)


God, even without the social context (which I can’t blame a kid from the suburbs of London for missing) the Die Hard With a Vengeance gore was profoundly horrific


I saw that Mat Piscatella of the NPD released the historic figures of PS1 sales and it’s super interesting to see what made it versus historical figures. There’s obvious licencing issue games like THPS 2 and Gran Turismo. And Crash Bandicoot had a recent remastering. But Driver was a surprise omission considering it was top 10 seller in the US and Europe in the PS1’s life time. Ubisoft owns that IP now so unless it was a “Who owns the code?” issue. I’m shocked Sony went for a terrible version of Rainbow Six for the time (Especially when a really good N64 version launched the same time) over Driver.


It’s been a long time, does Driver not have a licensed soundtrack?


Looks like the PSX first release is actually going to be way easier than the PC port in that respect.


Very middling reports from the demo sessions that were held to press.

Polygon: PlayStation Classic feels like a fun, bare-bones package
Kotaku: PlayStation Classic Plays Fine, But It’s A Bare-Bones Experience
Eurogamer: We’ve played the PlayStation Classic, and it’s underwhelming

The whole product reminds me a lot of Playstation All-Stars in that it’s an attempt at establishing and celebrating a united company brand, but without the coordinated effort to make sure that the most valuable names are on board, and that it’s a serviceable representation to begin with.

They’re currently in a dominant position within the games industry right now, if they’re not willing to throw some of that weight towards securing the games people actually associate with the history of Playstation (regardless of recent remakes) and invest in the technology to make the games run well, then that doesn’t convey much respect for their legacy back catalogue.