The Mini Console Trend Continues: Playstation Classic(s)


Some history repeating itself, tbh. Just a string of strange decisions since, like… the post-Andrew House corporate shuffling that went on.

I doubt they’ll assume people will pay $600 for the PS5, at least, but… not optimistic regarding some of the other decisions they might make right now.


all that the release of these classic mini-consoles is doing is making me wish I’d been smart enough to snatch up an emulator and a bunch of games back before Sony and Nintendo sicced their lawyers on ppl preserving content that they didn’t even bother trying to preserve in the first place.

It does have the original MGS on it, which makes it tempting, but b/c I have literally no nostalgia for old games, I’m not willing to drop $100 just to play one game. If it had Silent Hill, on the other hand… That’s a maybe. (Harry Mason is the best video game dad of all time. don’t @ me)