The Mini Console Trend Continues: Playstation Classic(s)


Some history repeating itself, tbh. Just a string of strange decisions since, like… the post-Andrew House corporate shuffling that went on.

I doubt they’ll assume people will pay $600 for the PS5, at least, but… not optimistic regarding some of the other decisions they might make right now.


all that the release of these classic mini-consoles is doing is making me wish I’d been smart enough to snatch up an emulator and a bunch of games back before Sony and Nintendo sicced their lawyers on ppl preserving content that they didn’t even bother trying to preserve in the first place.

It does have the original MGS on it, which makes it tempting, but b/c I have literally no nostalgia for old games, I’m not willing to drop $100 just to play one game. If it had Silent Hill, on the other hand… That’s a maybe. (Harry Mason is the best video game dad of all time. don’t @ me)


One last return to this because I think we’ve reached the most ludicrous endpoint of this saga possible. A hacked SNES Mini running the same emulator under Retroarch runs the PS1 better than the PS1 classic.

Not perfect mind you. But that an official product developed in house having these sorts of issues while a competitors product has better performance running the PS1, which the SNES mini was not built for in the first place, is quite frankly, an incredible capstone to this chronicle.


This has truly been the year of embarrassing self owns.


Hasn’t the Playstation Classic sold well regardless of any of the negative reviews? I was looking for sales figures but not having much luck.


I’m sure it’s totally fine sales wise because this is the kind of thing that was never really aimed at the games as a hobby crowd, nor were the Nintendo classic consoles. This is purely a nostalgia play for people who remember these games fondly and who aren’t following games and the industry on a daily basis.


I’m not sure it’s sales are doing as well as the preorders would project it to do. I was in a Wal Mart 4 days after it came out and they had seven on the shelf. The Toys R Us (suddenly a proud Canadian company) had three on their shelf, and The Source (formerly The Source by Circuit City, though most of their outlets were Radio Shacks before that) also had some on the shelf. I didn’t ask at the EB but I didn’t get the sense that they sold out either.


I don’t know how much weight I would put on not selling out. Just because Nintendo did their stupid limited supply thing doesn’t mean that Sony would do the same. It’s possible they learned one, and only one lesson from the other classic consoles and made damn sure they had enough.

Then again, being almost twice the price probably doesn’t help.