The Mortal Kombat Movie Rules, Actually

Mortal Kombat is a franchise best known for violence. From 1990s Congressional hearings to YouTube montages of the most wicked fatalities, the cultural legacy of Mortal Kombat is that these games are beyond the pale of regular human day-to-day experiences. They’re not family fare, they’re for “mature gamers,” and it’s not shocking that the film, released last week, marketed itself with a red band trailer that showed series favorite Sub-Zero slashing Scorpion’s blood out of his body, freezing it in mid-air, and then plunging the sharp ice dagger into his enemy. This is what we’re here to see. 

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Time for Cam to rip out Pat’s spine


Editorial note although I doubt the editors will see it: it’s “Kronika,” not “Chronica”

I think this gets at why MK worked for me more than it didn’t. It certainly wasn’t as fun as the NetherRealm tales, but it treated the material with respect and wasn’t constantly elbowing me in the ribs saying “Huh? Huh? Test Your Might, right?”

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Can’t believe they didn’t korrectly spell such an important kombatant’s name.

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I was in Twitch chat for a podcast recording with a guy from NetherRealm, who was also in chat hanging out. I asked him if there was a style guide for when the C needed to become a K. He said “No, and it’s a real problem” and I think about it every time MK comes up.


It’s a linguistic art that really peaked on November 16th 2002 with Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance where you could earn koins in kombat to spend in the krypt to open koffins to unlock kostumes and new kombatants.


An ex-Nether Realms guy was on this week’s Slash Filmcast and he seemed really mixed on the movie. He was real solid with his criticisms too.

“Rules” is a lot more than I’d give this movie. If you need to see a fantasy action nonsense movie that rules right now, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is in theaters.

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someone who’s actually seen it can stick their oar in here, but i got the impression that while Warcraft had many (many) problems, being a cash-in wasn’t one of them. recreating the weird entrance to Stormwind that Blizzard only made to reduce lag sounds like a production that’s so slavishly dedicated to The Lore it forgets it has to be a decent move as well.

also, this is a really petty gripe, but as someone in a country where MK isn’t out yet, the fairly big spoilers in the article were unappreciated. i know no-one comes to Mortal Kombat for shocking twists, but come on.

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Was that Daanish Syed? Because that’s the exact dude lol

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I just watched this and I agree. It absolutely rules. Kano’s hilarious, there’s fatalities everywhere, and it leans real hard into the source material. Yeah, the main character is lame, but oh well.

I also just watched it and I think it was fine. I would not watch it by myself again but maybe I would with some friends. It’s what I would call a party movie. You can put it on in the background of a party and anyone can just glance over at any time and go “huh that’s a cool fight”.

That said Cole Young is such a dumb character that did not need to exist. If they work him into the games I would be disappointed because he’s such a flat boring, unoriginal, individual who has incredibly lame abilities. What makes Mortal Kombat characters good is that they take what their gimmick is and just crank it to 11. Cole is the character no one would ever want to play unless they were just OP. They feel like the character that had to exist because someone in the studio said so or the movie wasn’t getting made. There did not need to be an audience stand in character because most of the main characters were about on the same level of knowledge about “Mortal Kombat”. His relation to Scorpion has 0 plot relevance other then for why Scorpion shows up to fight. That entire plot could have been swapped out for Johnny Cage getting dragged in from Hollywood as an example and nothing would have changed.

IDK how others feel but I wasn’t a fan of this version of Mileena? That character has always done the thing of taking the mask off to reveal their giant shark teeth mouth where as this one just looked like a human who could unhinge their jaw. They also do not feel sinister enough, Mileena in MK is just evil and has actual good dialogue. This Mileena had I think 2 lines? Also just not a fan of her costume, I think her being a shark mouth pink ninja is what sells her.

Also you get to make a Mortal Kombat movie and your choice for a character to put in is Reiko? I do not know how others feel but that is one the most bland characters in the entire franchise that when you go looking for lists of characters in the movie a lot of articles do not even mention him lol. I was also bummed he did not get thrown in the spike pit, you’re gonna show us the spike pit stage and not throw anyone into it feels like a tease.


Yeah, I think so.

All they have to do to instantly redeem the Cole Young character is have him go to Hollywood and get a job with his awesome skills as actor Johnny Cage’s stuntman (since they will coincidentally look exactly the same since I would cast Lewis Tan as Johnny Cage) and then have Cole Young get insanely brutally obliterated in the most gruesome way possible as like Outworld fuckers of Lin Kuei cyborgs or whatever bust into a studio while Cage and Young are filming an action scene and he tries to defend Johnny Cage. Then Cole Young is gone but goes out in a ridiculous way while sacrificing himself for someone else, and Lewis Tan gets to actually be awesome because he’s playing Johnny Cage for the rest of these movies instead of a nothing character.

I liked this movie’s take on the character’s look, I just wish they had a little more to do. What I’m hoping though is that given how the character was created they could have the same actress be Kitana in a sequel film and also just have her be Mileena at the same time.


Might make a fan edit with a better soundtrack during the fights

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